Congratulations to Our Scholarship Winners!

The new year is finally here! And to my mind, 2009 is already lookin’ fine. 

Maybe that’s because I just received Glee-ful news, yippee! Glee Gum scholarship winners have been chosen, times three!

Presented by Verve, inc., the Glee Gum scholarship is intended to support the studies of the sons and daughters of Mexican chicleros. As you may recall, chicleros are the skilled laborers who harvest the key ingredient in Glee Gum: chicle! 

In order to be eligible for consideration, scholarship applicants must be the children of chicleros. The nature of their studies can range from biology to forestry, from sustainable development to eco-tourism, and beyond. All applicants must also commit to working in the community after completing their degrees.

Thanks to the help and dedication of the Executive Committee of the Consortium of Chicleros in Mexico, Verve, inc. is pleased to announce this year’s round of winners!

CONGRATULATIONS, José de Jesús Chan Coh!
José is in his fifth semester at the University of Quintana Roo studying civil engineering. José reports that in times of economic difficulty, students often have to leave their studies behind to find work. He says that the scholarship will provide him with the opportunity to focus on his studies, reach his goal of finishing his education, and make his family proud.


Jose de Jesus Chan Coh
Jose de Jesus Chan Coh



CONGRATULATIONS, C. Selmi Leticia Varela Coba!
Selmi is a sixth semester student at the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Superior Technological Intitute with a focus on tourism administration. She too reports that because she and her family have few economic resources, the scholarship will help her to finish her studies.


C. Selmi Leticia Varela Coba
C. Selmi Leticia Varela Coba



CONTRATULATIONS, Sandy Amara Matías Chan! 
Sandy also studies administration at the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Superior Technological Intitute, where she is in her third semester. She believes the scholarship will allow her to continue her education so that she will be able to give back to her community in the ejido of Noh-Bec.


Sandy Amara Matias Chan
Sandy Amara Matias Chan



CONGRATULATIONS to the next generation of leaders in the chiclero communities! Best of luck, keep up the good work, and don’t forget to study!

And speaking of studying, did you know chewing gum is rumored to help your concentration? Just a Glee-ful reminder!

Happy New Year, gum chums!

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