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Congrats to the First Sweepstakes Winner!

Gum chews, what news, what news!

I am tickled pink to announce the 1st winner of the “Your Ticket to Glee” Sweepstakes!

Congratulations, a tip of the hat and a pat on the back to the very lucky Sadie S. of Kamas, Utah!

Goooooo Sadie! Also - cute baby!
Goooooo Sadie! Also - cute baby!

The lovely Sadie found a silver runner-up ticket inside her last pack of Glee Gum. And that meant she won a swell prize package of Glee Gum and “Glee” show merchandise! Check it out!

You Like?
You Like?

TEN more tickets remain hidden in packs of Glee Gum, all across the country. One of them will take the grand prize winner straight to Hollywood! Only a month remains in the “Your Ticket to Glee” Sweepstakes, so keep chewing and start looking today! For more info on the sweepstakes, click here. And keep watching “Glee” Wednesdays at 9/8 c on FOX!

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