Chock-Full of Reasons to Chew!

I recently came across an old but intriguing article I just had to share with you – all about the great reasons to chew gum! 

Check out:
“Something to chew over… the health benefits of gum” by Alok Jha, The Guardian International, Thursday, March 30, 2006.
Click here to read!

Off the top of my (disproportionately large) head, I’m thinking of a few other good reasons:

– To exercise your jaw muscles
(without talking someone’s ear off!)

– To freshen your breath
(sweet as you are, you know everyone smells SOMETIMES!)

– To help conserve the rainforest
(at least when you chew Glee Gum!)

– To make loud, glorious smacking sounds
(which EVERYONE loves to hear!!!)

Can you think of more?
Email them to me at and we can discuss!

Ciao for now, my fellow chew-ers!

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