Chewy Solution to Small Change

Small ChangeTired of hearing the jangle of loose coins in your purse or pocket? Plumb tuckered out from dealing with piles of pennies? Never have a nickel when you need one?

There is hope.

The whole concept of small change may be, well, changing. Following a recent rash of chewing gum thefts from British supermarkets, police discovered a surprising trend in Romania. That’s where the wily bandits were hoping to distribute their stolen packs. Why? Because there, as the BBC News reports, “Chewing gum and other small packets of sweets are commonly offered instead of small change by shopkeepers according to a police officer who has investigated the thefts.”

Here at Glee Gum, we do not condone stealing—especially chewing gum. Talk about sticky fingers! But, the idea of gum as currency is intriguing. Would you rather get a piece of gum than a penny? Something to chew on…

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