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The Scoop on Sugar

Sugar CaneSugar sweetens coffee, desserts, and—at least, in our office—life in general. When enjoyed with moderation, of course! For countries around the world, sugar is also one of the most important sources of national income.

But, a fluctuating market and the increased use of corn syrup and artificial sweeteners have taken a toll on the price of sugar. Over the past 25 years, it has dropped to a quarter of its value. And this is sad news for millions of sugar cane farmers and their communities.

The good news is that more and more consumers and manufacturers are choosing to purchase Fair Trade Certified sugar. What’s so great about going Fair Trade?

It means that sugar cane farmers are guaranteed a fair price, regardless of changes in the market. Certification also means environmental standards to restrict the use of agrochemicals and to encourage sustainability. This results in a safer product and safer farming practices.

As manufacturers who use Fair Trade Certified sugar in our Classic Glee Gum, we pay an extra premium per metric ton of sugar to not only guarantee fair pay for the farmers, but also to support heath services, education, community development, and more.

And, maybe it’s just us—but we think Fair Trade sugar tastes better, too!

The Right to Know about GMOs

Do you think you have a right to know what’s in your food?

We do, too!

The FDA requires labels for trans fats and nuts– why not GMOs?

This past January and October, we told you about our partnership with the Just Label It: We Have a Right To Know campaign. The movement has been going strong, but now it’s gaining even more momentum. And we need your help! Please consider joining us and the nearly one million Americans who have contacted the FDA, asking them to label genetically engineered foods. It takes less than a minute to visit and tell the FDA that you have a right to know!

Just Label It Info

Upcoming Events & A Field Trip for Glee Guy

As Glee Gum’s trusty mascot, the Glee Guy, I don’t often get a chance to travel outside the confines of a gum box. But, thanks to a blogger buddy, I recently took a vacation to fabulous Las Vegas! It was great fun until I learned that you can’t pay casinos in gum…

Oh, Boy!
Oh, Boy!
At Whole Foods Las Vegas
At Whole Foods Las Vegas
Spot the Hot Shot
Spot the Hot Shot in this Pic!

Back on the box, I can be seen at some sweet community events this spring. Check the list below to see if there’s one happening near you!

And, anyone else who wants to take me on a trip… my bags are packed and I’m raring to go!

Anniversary Celebration

Nutrition Network

March 1st, 2012

Winfield, IL

Building Social Enterprise Ecosystems

Brown University

March 16th-17th, 2012

Providence, RI

Georgia Adopt-A-Stream Confluence

Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center

March 17th, 2012

Atlanta, GA

Escape to the Tropics

Garfield Park Conservatory and Gardens

March 23rd, 2012

Indianapolis, IN

Spring Fling Dinner, Dance & Silent Auction

March 31, 2012

Baldwin City, KS

EggFest 2012

Robe Ann Park

April 6th, 2012

Greencastle, IN

Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Bergen County Zoo

March 31st, 2012

Paramus, NJ

WHEF Bowl-A-Thon

Town Hall Lanes

April 29th, 2012

Johnston, RI

Fanfare for Fair Trade

Look for the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark, coming soon to all six flavors of Classic Glee Gum!

Fair Trade is all about a better deal for farmers and workers. When you see the Mark on a box of Classic Glee Gum, it means that the cane sugar inside it meets the social, economic and environmental standards set by Fairtrade International. It represents an international system of alternative trade in which you can be sure that the farmers and workers have been paid a fair and stable price for their produce.

Also exciting? It’s the first time this sweet sign will be spotted on a pack of gum—ever!

Glee Gum FairTrade Poster Image

Chewy Solution to Small Change

Small ChangeTired of hearing the jangle of loose coins in your purse or pocket? Plumb tuckered out from dealing with piles of pennies? Never have a nickel when you need one?

There is hope.

The whole concept of small change may be, well, changing. Following a recent rash of chewing gum thefts from British supermarkets, police discovered a surprising trend in Romania. That’s where the wily bandits were hoping to distribute their stolen packs. Why? Because there, as the BBC News reports, “Chewing gum and other small packets of sweets are commonly offered instead of small change by shopkeepers according to a police officer who has investigated the thefts.”

Here at Glee Gum, we do not condone stealing—especially chewing gum. Talk about sticky fingers! But, the idea of gum as currency is intriguing. Would you rather get a piece of gum than a penny? Something to chew on…