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If Glee Gum Were an Animal…

Students at Boston University’s School of Management recently accepted a chewy challenge. As a semester project, they applied their nimble minds to the matter of all things Glee Gum. Part of their research involved a survey of volunteer participants. And, part of that survey was this question:


This question elicited some rather interesting responses. Here is but a sampling:

– “an exotic parrot”

– “a sea cucumber”

– “a Scottish terrier”

– “a monkey– one that swings from branch to branch, delivering his wonderful treats”

– “a seal cub– so cute! and fun to watch”

– “a kitten, because it is harmless to our environment, and it’s fun”

– “a platypus, daring to be who he is and not like the rest!”

– “a hummingbird– full of energy, personable, responsible, working to make the world a healthy and happy place”

– “a giant anteater, the greatest of all animals”

– “a koala bear, or any other endangered species for that matter. Just like an endangered species, it can be hard to find certain products that are all natural.”

– “a lemur with a little pink hat and crazy boa”

– “a rainbow-spotted furry LamZeBraDoodle”

– “I don’t know why, but an adorable elephant comes to mind. Like, an elephant holding a balloon with its trunk. But that doesn’t make sense. Maybe you should go with a bird. Because they’re happy.”

What would YOU say? Oh, and, if you happen to see a rainbow-spotted furry LamZeBraDoodle anywhere, kindly send him our way.

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Is That Your Natural Color?

Look closer at Glee

What gives Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum its rosy pink glow? Red beets. What gives Kraft Mac & Cheese its neon orange shine? Yellow 5 and Yellow 6.

While we generally believe in different strokes for different folks, we think artificial coloring is an exception. And the more we read about the issue, the more concerned we feel. From contamination with known carcinogens to correlations to behavioral disorders, the downsides of fake food dyes keep adding up.

So, when our friends at the Feingold Association shared a recent Dr. Oz Show segment about food dyes with us, we wanted to pass it along to you. It features Vani Hari and Lisa Leake, two North Carolina food activists with a powerful petition out now. They’re asking Kraft to remove artificial food coloring from their line of macaroni and cheese, and to head the charge in providing safer, better quality products for consumers.

Over 250,000 have signed the petition already. Visit to add your name to the list, and feel free to join us in spreading the word! In the meantime, you can read more about recent studies on food dyes on the Dr. Oz Show site.



Kiss Me, I'm Kosher


We’re proud to announce that all flavors of Glee Gum are now certified kosher! Look for the seal of certification from the International Kosher Council to appear on our boxes starting this spring.

Kosher foods comply with traditional Jewish dietary laws for preparation and processing. While many consumers keep kosher diets for religious reasons, an even larger number choose kosher foods because of their high standards of quality and food safety. We hope this certification helps you all to chew kosher gum Gleefully.

For info on our other certifications, check out our Affiliations page.





Save on Glee & Groceries

Wanna save cents in a way that makes sense?

CommonKindess offers coupons to buy 2 boxes of Glee, get the 3rd for free. And take $0.50 off Sugar-Free Glee.

Even better, whenever you redeem a CommonKindness coupon, the company donates to the non-profit of your choice—at no cost to you. Sign-up is free, and they’ve got scores of other printable grocery coupons available.

Happy shopping– and saving!

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5 Events to Liven up the Dead of Winter

Baby, it’s cold out there. But these upcoming events will warm ya right up! Best of all? You can expect to see Glee Gum at every one of ’em.

First, rock out at the 2nd annual “Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocksconcert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO on February 1st, 2013. We’ve heard that sweet tunes sound even sweeter at high altitudes!

Students, be sure to take the “12th Annual RecycleMania Challenge” at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD on February 8th, 2013. It runs for eight exciting weeks!

Then, support Figure Skating in Harlem— and have fun doing it– with the 16th annual Gwendolyn Simmons “Soul on Ice Winter Skating Party” at Lasker Ice Rink in New York, NY on February 9th, 2013.

Next… calling all lovebirds! Celebrate Valentine’s Day by enjoying “Sweets for Your Sweetie” on February 14th, and then plan an “Escape to the Tropics” on March 3rd, 2013, at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Indianapolis, IN.

Last but not least, if you race in the “ShamROCK Runat Newnan Court Square in Newnan, GA on March 2nd, 2013, you’ll help raise money for Bridging the Gap Community Outreach. Bonus: you’ll also get in shape for spring!

Winter Fun
Tis the Season to Get to Know the Snow (on a First Name Basis)