Casting a Green Spotlight on… ForesTrade!

Greetings, gum chums!

You’ve probably heard me gab about gum plenty. Specifically, GLEE GUM! In fact, I tell you about Glee Gum so often, betcha I’ve made you an expert on the subject! Chances are that you know all about chicle, the special tree sap that gives Glee good chew. And you’ve read all about how chicle is sustainably harvested from the sapodilla tree and how that process helps to conserve the rainforest.

But did you know there are lots of OTHER products that are sustainably harvested from rainforest regions? It’s true! And I’ve got a great, green company to introduce to you.

Meet ForesTrade!

ForesTrade, Inc.

ForesTrade, inc. is an international supplier of all sorts of swell organic and sustainably harvested products. ForesTrade sells cardamom from Guatemala, nutmeg from Grenada, vanilla beans from India, and ginger oil from Indonesia, just to name a few.

The company works with community groups to farm the products in such a way that the local ecology is preserved. Then they market the products around the world, providing continued economic incentive for sustainable agriculture. How nifty is that!

Ian Diamondstone, ForesTrade’s Sales and Operations Manager, has been kind enough to tell us more.

According to Ian, ForesTrade established relationships with grower groups in Indonesia and Guatemala about ten years ago. They’ve maintained those relationships while simultaneously helping the groups with organic certifications, training, documentation, and product sales to the international market. 

Ian jokes that consumers of ForesTrade products can expect “good karma,” but he adds that they can count on “good quality and traceability all the way back to the piece of land from which it came.”

The most surprising lessons Ian has learned from his involvement with ForesTrade are “that companies can make a lot of mistakes, and that passion and commitment are stronger than any business skills a person can have.”

And when asked about the best part of his job, Ian can’t name just one thing. “[It’s] knowing that I’m trying to help create a business model that helps the earth and it’s inhabitants. The promotion of a healthier planet… the connection to the other side of the world… the exotic part of working with tropical spices and coffee… the people I work with…”

Sounds like he really likes it, huh!

To learn more about ForesTrade, go to their website at

To see some of the amazing places where they source their products, check out Ian Diamondstone’s beautiful pictures from two recent trips:

Coban, Guatemala

Girls Selling Flowers In Coban, Guatemala


Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

 Jamur Ujung Village, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Let’s move THERE, shall we?

Thanks for sharing, Ian, and keep up the good work!



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