Black and White and Read All Over!

Happy belated Earth Day, everyone!

Hope you all had a chance to go outside and enjoy nature at its finest this past Wednesday. Given the number of Glee Gum giveaways happening at stores across the country that day, maybe you also had a chance to pop a piece or three of Glee!

Today, the weather is bright and beautiful here in RI. But me, I’m inside. Why, you ask? I’m catching up on all the Glee-ful news, of course!  

Now, I know what they say about horns and tooting one’s own. But hey! It’s Friday, I’ve got the horn, and I’ve just gotta toot!

Get Ready for Good News!
Get Ready for Good News!

So, for starters:

Have you seen this great, in-depth interview with company president Deborah Schimberg on Good Biz 113? This neat website is all about “showcasing socially responsible small-business policies and partnerships for the greatest possible win-win-win good.” They recently posted a fabulous feature on all things Glee, entitled, “Verve, inc. Puts Sustainable Bite on All-Natural Chewing Gum and Educational Candy-Making Kits for Kids.” Check it out!


Thanks to Nikki at Go Away Gluten for the groovy post about gluten-free Glee, “Do You Know What You’re Chewing?”  Of course, in my case, that’s strictly a rhetorical question!


Kudos to Meghann, who hosted a super Glee Gum Review & Giveaway on her fun blog,”The Inner Workings of a College Graduate.” Over 200 gum-chewers vied for the prize: a Mini Glee Variety pack!


Speaking of giveaways, thanks again to Leslie at Recycle Your Day, who highlighted Glee Gum again, as well as the Make Your Own Candy Kits, in her “Happy Earth Day! Eco Giveaway Celebration” this week. Whatta pal!


Thanks to Annies Home for the glowing Glee Gum review! This mom of six knows her stuff!

Not to mention:

Nice work, Maura of Neat Sweets, on the fine selection of Cinnamon Glee from Economy Candy (“This Economy Makes Me Happy”). Can’t help but agree with your site’s assertion that calling a dessert “too sweet” is akin to saying it’s “too delicious.” And, as you put it, that’s “just crazy-talk”!

In addition:

YouTube? I Tube! Really, what can’t you find on that magical, mysterious, and often mystifying site? Well, I found a few more videos about Glee. Woo wee! What a sight to see. They range from the enthusiastic (“Aspartame-free gum!!”) to the the experimental (“The Wonderful World of Glee Gum”) and beyond (“Glee Gum Organic Rap”)!

Okay, enough time indoors. Time to go outside, play, and plant a tree in honor of Arbor Day! To learn more about this happy holiday, check out the Arbor Day Foundation’s website. They’ve got loads of information to help you celebrate! 

Happy Arbor Day, everyone!

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