Behind Every Great Man…

… is a great woman! 

After all, John Adams had Abigail, FDR had Eleanor, and Mr. Obama has Michelle. 

And what about me? Okay, so your friendly neighborhood chewing gum mascot may not be presidential material. But the Glee Guy’s got a First Lady all right! 

Introducing (drum roll, please) the one, the only… Deborah Schimberg! She is the fearless leader of Verve, inc., the maker of Glee Gum! 

Debbie, as we Gleeful folks call her, loves to travel. On one fateful trip back in ’92, Debbie visited Northern Guatemala. It was there that she first met a few chicleros, the skilled laborers who harvest chicle from the sapodilla trees in the rainforest. She learned that chicle was once the basis for the entire chewing gum industry, but was later replaced with synthetic materials. As a result, chicle-producing communities had become economically depressed. 

Debbie hoped that by purchasing chicle and creating a chicle-based product, she could help support the sustainable harvest of chicle– which in turn helps to conserve the rainforest. So she did, starting with the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit and ending with a full line of Glee Gum! Yum! 

Debbie recently received recognition of her aforementioned fearless leadership from the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE). The CWE has just certified Verve, inc. as a woman-owned business meeting the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council criteria. Woo hoo!

The CWE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women start and grow their own businesses. To learn more about them and all the great work they do, check out their website at

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to American corporations. For more information on their mission, events, and programs, check out THEIR website at

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research (, women-owned businesses now make up 40% of all privately held businesses. The Center says, overall, there are 10.1 million women-owned firms employing more than 13 million people and generating $1.9 million in sales as of 2008! So the facts speak for themselves. Behind every great woman is… another great woman!

Gum chums, I’m guessing there’s a great woman (or twenty) in your lives. I recommend giving her a token of your appreciation today. And nothing shows you care more than a pack (or twenty) of delicious, delectable Glee Gum!

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