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The Treat Bucket Color Conundrum

Do we recognize “trick or treating” anymore? The increasing wave of health consciousness has caused major shifts in the way we celebrate this traditional pinnacle of Halloween, in the past a gorging of candy. More aware than ever of the rising wave of obesity in America, and of the plethora of food allergies and sensitivities, Halloween has become the target for movements creating national awareness and inspiring change in how we trick or treat.

One new development surrounds the color of the bucket kids use to collect their treats. Teal buckets, for example, indicate that the child has a food allergy.  Blue buckets indicate that a child may have Autism or is nonverbal. Purple buckets indicate epilepsy.  The goal is to help make Halloween more inclusive for children who may have been excluded previously. Just because a kid doesn’t shout “trick or treat” when you open the door, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the holiday or appreciate the treat.

So that sounds pretty well intended, right? But we are also well aware of an old saying about good intentions and the roads they pave if we aren’t careful. Opposition to this movement in particular point out that making kids who already have enough trouble managing their medical condition or disability further labels them and only serves to cause these kids discomfort while trick or treating. Plus, it puts the added cost and time on houses to buy additional specialty candy. One mom who has written to us in the past about buying Glee Gum for her son with Autism said she feels that Halloween is a holiday that all should get to enjoy, without stigmas.

As a company whose public mission to educate and encourage sustainability practices and healthier food choices, we felt it important to weigh in. Instead of picking one side or the other, we aim for middle ground, by encouraging folks to simply switch all the candy to healthier options. All trick or treaters deserve allergy-friendly treats. So, rather than buying different candies and identifying buckets, we suggest finding natural healthy treats and giving those away to all – this way, everyone can focus on what’s important: good old fashioned trick or treating.


While there are many options on the market and lots of fun recipes and ideas that you can try, we personally love our 2pc single serving Glee Gum minis and our yummy Glee Gum Pops. Both are natural, allergy-friendly, and available in bulk options that are a little less scary for your wallet.

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We wish everyone a very happy Halloween, and hope this Halloween season is safe and joyful for all.