All the News That's Fit to Re-Print

Greetings, candy comrades!

I know I’ve been remiss in writing. But in my defense, it’s REALLY HARD to type while jumping for joy!

Apparently, nobody else on the Internet shares this problem. They’re all busily typing up a storm!

Here is a small selection of recent clips, posts and news articles on my favorite subject… GLEE! 

“Sweet Old World,” Katharine Weber’s July 14 article in Tablet Magazine, explores the origins of American candy- including Glee, yippee! 

Stuck on an idea for a new Glee Gum slogan, like me? Check out Over Coffee – the Green Edition. Blogger Lena’s son came up with a good one!

Meanwhile, our friend Jennifer Mathews’ book, Chicle, keeps getting great press. On, you can read an interview with the author and a book excerpt !

Expectant moms with morning sickness may find this post at Naptime Writing familiar, helpful – or at least good for a giggle. Who knew gum could help the tum?

Speaking of moms, check out what Green & Clean Mom keeps in her eco-chic handbag. It’s the same sweet stuff recommended by the fine folks at Blog O’ USA , Living Healthy in the Real World, and Wellsphere‘s Celiac Disease Community.  

Not to be out-done, the Candy Kits get a shout-out too. Thanks to Beth Kimmerle’s Candymonium for this fun post following New York’s Fancy Food Show. 

Have a great weekend, gum chums, and happy reading!

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