All the News that's Fit to Chew

Articles about chewing gum keep blowing up our news feed. Reporters must be chew-sing to cover stories with real sticking power. In case you spent the summer unplugged and offline, here are some of the latest sound bites… and then we promise to quit with the punny business.

  •  In Seattle last Saturday, fans of the Nintendo character “Kirby” honored his 20th anniversary by setting a new world record: “Most People Blowing a Chewing Gum Bubble Simultaneously.” That number, should you attempt to surpass it at your next sporting event or class reunion, is reportedly 536.
  • TIME recently illuminated some of the surprising benefits of chewing gum, from improving focus and fighting fatigue to fixing cracks and baiting fish. Sorry in advance, fish, but can’t blame your good taste.
  • The world’s 1st medical marijuana-based chewing gum, CanChew, is set to debut in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Washington, DC next month. We shall refrain from editorializing or smoking out additional details at this time.
  • Any guesses as to where in the world most people chew gum? According to a recent report from Kantar Media, the biggest gum fans live in Iran (where 82% of the population supposedly chew it) and Saudi Arabia (79%). The US ranks third with 59%. (For now, at least. We can catch up!)

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