All About Gum Base!

Hiya, friends! 
How you be? 
Me? Well, as usual, I´m full of Glee!

And this website o´ mine is full of fun facts about Glee Gum. But what about the special stuff that gives the yummy gum good chew?

GUM BASE is the part of Glee Gum – and all chewing gum – that gives it that terrific chew-y texture! 

The gum base in Glee Gum (and the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit) is a mix of natural rubbers (chicle!!!), waxes, and resins. When combined with sugar, syrup, and flavor, it becomes delicious, delectable chewing gum! But did you know some folks like to chew our gum base PLAIN? It´s true!

Our gum base has a subtle, woodsy taste. It has no nutritional value, can be chewed in pellet form, and makes a great carb-free snack between meals! 

Some people chew our plain gum base as a smoking cessation tool. A mouthful of gum means no room for cigarettes! Woo hoo!

Others chew plain gum base as a handy dandy way to snack without disturbing their restricted diets. For example, patients on the ketogenic diet– a diet used to aid in the treatment of childhood epilepsy– can´t eat many carbs. So some dieticians order the carb-free gum base by the pound for use at children´s hospitals, and multiple families order it for consumption at home. For more information on the ketogenic diet, check out the Epilepsy Foundation website´s explanation here. Who knew?

We even know a fella who uses plain gum base as fishing bait! Of course, being vegetarians, we can´t help feeling a bit sorry for those gummed up fishies!

Our gum base is available in 4 oz. “Refill Kits” which can be purchased directly from our website. For information on buying it by the pound, you can also contact us directly at

Maybe you can think of other uses for this amazing stuff! Let us know if so! Until then, gum chums – cheerio!

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