Mazee LLC has a commitment to offering natural and healthy alternatives while focusing on environmental impact.  Glee Gum is the core brand, but get ready for new and innovative products coming soon. Healthy has never tasted so good!

Making Gum with Glee Gum

Here are some of the ways we put our mission into action.

Packaging – We use recyclable packaging on all our products– primarily, recycled cardboard. No excess plastic. No packing peanuts. No blister packs. Fun fact: if we had used blister packs on our gum from the start, at this point we would have created enough waste to fill one and a half Boeing 747s. That’s a lot of waste!

Ingredients – We source the highest quality ingredients we can for all our products. In Glee Gum, we use natural flavors, natural colors (like red beet and beta carotene), natural sweeteners (like the Non-GMO cane sugar in Classic Glee Gum and xylitol in Sugar-Free Glee), and chicle gum base. No additives. No preservatives. All allergy-friendly, all delicious!