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Featured Fan: A Class Act

We don’t miss high school, but sure do wish we could take Larry B.’s ecology class. He recently came up with a whole Glee-themed lesson plan!

Under Larry’s guidance, the students pictured here first explored our website. They started by taking the interactive “Journey from Tree to Glee” photo tour, then read about our products and attributes. Larry explained the concept of Fair Trade enterprise, described the all-natural ingredients found in Glee, and compared Glee to other gum on the market. He even distributed Glee Gum samples for the class to try.

What’d the students think? “They were thrilled!” Larry reports, adding jokingly, “You know teenagers– the quickest way to captivate their attention is to mention anything related to food and the word ‘free’ in the same sentence.”

Larry suspects that most of his students think he is “two times older than dirt.” This doesn’t bother him because, as he quips, “I’m actually much older!”

Larry lives in Tennessee, teaches in Virginia, and has been ordering Glee Gum from our web-store for a few years now. When asked what he likes best about it, he offers a lovely list: “It doesn’t contain PVC plastic, it uses all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, it is a Fair Trade product, it is eco-friendly (both in product and packaging), it is unique, and I like the natural flavors.”

Hats off to Larry. Here’s hoping he and his fun gum lesson plans “stick” around for many Gleeful years to come!

Ecology Class Discovers Glee Gum

For free, supplemental educational material, we invite you to visit our “Learn More” section. If you would like to be considered as our next “Featured Fan”—and win a case of Glee Gum for the honor— simply send an email introducing yourself to our mascot,

Gleeful May Events

Some of the many places you’ll find Glee Gum samples this happy month. (And hopefully get a chance to chew them!) 

The New England VegFest with Whole Foods Market Wellesley at DCU Center, Worcester, MA ~ 5/1/16

Anniversary Celebration at Natural Market, Manitowac, WI ~ 5/1 – 5/31/16

“More for Moms” Mother’s Day Celebration at Whole Foods Market, Montclair, NJ ~ 5/6/16

10th Anniversary Celebration at Chatham Marketplace, Pittsboro, NC ~ 5/13 – 5/14/16

Family Day Event at Whole Foods Market, Albany, NY ~ 5/14/16

Earth Fare 5K at Carrier Park, Asheville, NC ~ 5/14/16

Kid’s Club Event at Whole Foods Market, Sarasota, FL ~ 5/18/16

Strides for Safe Kids St. Louis Fundraising Walk & Expo at Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO ~ 5/22/16

Kid’s Club Event at Whole Foods Market, Naples, FL ~ 5/25/16

Treating ADHD Naturally Conference at Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL ~ 5/25/16

Gleeful Times at CHFA West - 2016 1
Gleeful Times at CHFA West in Vancouver, Canada

Earth Day Events & More In Store

Bulk Glee Gum with Blooms

Lots of Gleeful events this month! Here’s a selection, with fingers crossed that one or two are located near you. Expect to see gum galore for giveaway!

OwlThon Dance Marathon to Benefit the Shands Children’s Hospital at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL ~ 4/2/16

Spring Mix at Whole Foods Market, Jacksonville, FL ~ 4/2/16

Teacher Appreciation Week at Whole Foods Market, Arlington, Old Town, and Springfield, VA ~ 4/11- 4/15/16

Philadelphia Junior League’s Empowering You Health Fair at the Lankenau Medical Center Main Hospital, Plymouth Meeting, PA ~ 4/16/16

The Yoga Expo at Broward County Convention Center, Ft Lauderdale, FL ~ 04/16/16

19th Anniversary Celebration at Healthy Horizons, Hammond, IN ~ 4/16/16

LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival in Tallahassee, FL ~ 4/16- 4/17/16

Women’s Health & Education Fund (WHEF) Bowl-A-Thon at Town Hall Lanes, Johnston, RI ~ 4/17/16

3rd Annual Health Fair at Bel Air, Carmichael, CA ~ 4/18/16

Earth Day Celebration at Bare Essentials, Boone, NC ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Garden of Eat’n, Jesup, GA ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Health Hut, Hickory, NC ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Peggy’s Natural Foods, Stuart, FL ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Tidal Creek Co-Op, Wilmington, NC ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Fairhope Natural Foods, Fairhope, AL ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Virginia’s Natural Food, Mobile, AL ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Rosewood Market, Columbia, SC ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Hendersonville Co-Op, Hendersonville, NC ~ 4/22/16

Earth Day Celebration at Lassens, Ventura, CA ~ 4/22- 4/23/16

The Healthy Communities Festival at Cascades Park’s Centennial Field, Tallahassee, FL ~ 4/23/16

Snap Happy

Sooo, we joined Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Then we thought, we’re really not wasting spending enough time online. What are we waiting for? Let’s get on Instagram, too!

Follow glee.gum for a behind-the-scenes look at gummy goings-on, Gleeful shenanigans, the occasional sticky situation, and our ever-smiling staff (pictured here at the recent Natural Products Expo West). We can’t wait to see what you snap, too! Pun intended.

Feeling the Glee at Expo West



Hey, Hey, It’s a Giveaway!

Feeling lucky?

Here’s a chance for not one, but TWO lucky ducks to win oodles of gum.

Hosted by our friends at Naturally Savvy, this is one Gleeful giveaway. Each prize pack includes pouches of Peppermint and Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon Glee Gum, cases of Sugar-Free Refresh-Mint, Triple Berry, and Tangerine Glee Gum, and a bag of yummy Glee Gum Pops.

Enter by April 11, 2016 (US only). We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you! DETAILS HERE.

Naturally Savvy Glee Gum Contest Prize 2 CROPPED

Featured Fan: A Neighbor to the North

In the US these days, consumed by primary elections and presidential campaigns, some folks talk of moving to Canada. If such dreams/ threats are realized, here’s the good news: they have Glee Gum up there!

Yup, Glee Gum is sold throughout Canada. As evidence, we present Jacob T. of Owen Sound, Ontario, holding a pack of his preferred flavor, purchased from Jacob likes Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon Glee because it “tastes good, has no aspartame or sorbitol, and makes my breath fresher.”

In addition to having terrific taste in gum, this tenth grade student happens to be a competitive hockey player and a talented jazz musician. He also mows lawns, which should come in handy for anyone planning to move to Canada around oh, say, November 9th. See you soon, Jacob!

Featured Fan Jacob T

If You Donate, We’ll Double It

The Intercultural Maya University of Quintana Roo (UIMQROO) is an incredible public university in Mexico. Chicle, the tree sap used in Glee Gum, is harvested sustainably from this region— often by family members of UIMQROO students.

Backpack Glee for UIMQROOWe’ve seen first-hand how the harvest of non-timber forest products like chicle helps to conserve the rainforest. And we’ve seen how UIMQROO gives students the tools they need to create positive change socially, economically, and environmentally.

But, 15% of UIMQROO students drop out each year because they can’t afford to stay. Please join us in helping these students. We’ll match your donation! READ MORE.

Find Glee More Easily

These days, you’ll see Glee in select locations of Target, HomeGoods, T.J.Maxx, Winn-Dixie, and more. We’re especially excited that our new Glee Gum Pops are “popping up” too, including in the candy aisle of all Sprouts Farmers Markets. Check out our store locator to find stores near you!

Stores with Glee Gum - Feb 2016

How to Access Glee Deals

Did you know there is a magical way to receive exclusive discounts on all our products?

There is!

In truth, no magic is required. It is super easy! Simply sign up for the Glee Gum e-newsletter. It comes out just once a month or so, with all the news that’s fit to chew. Special discounts in every issue, too. Here’s the latest edition, and another will be en route soon. Happy reading!

Glee News Boy-01

Winter Wonderland

A few highlights from a recent walk. It was oh so snowy and awfully Gleeful! Don’t forget to pack a box of gum the next time you go a’ winter wandering. And, of course, button up. It’s chilly out there!

Winter Wonderland - 3 Glee for Keeps


Winter Wonderland - 3 Glee and Smiling Eyes


Winter Wonderland - 3 Glee and a Smile

Featured Fan: A Supporter of Spearmint

Glee Gum comes in many sizes– 2-piece minis, 16-piece boxes, 75-piece pouches. But for the most devoted chewers, only one size will do: BULK.

With a minimum of packaging, Bulk Glee Gum still manages to pack a punch. Each tube contains about a pound of loose gum (350-plus pieces) in the flavor of your choice. For Tiffany J. from Minneapolis, MN, that’s Spearmint!

Featured Fan Tiffany JA kitchen and bath designer by day, Tiffany has been purchasing Spearmint Bulk Gum from our web-store for awhile now. She jokes that the only time she’s not chewing gum is when she’s sleeping. Why does she like it? “Because it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. And it’s good!”

A fun fact about Tiffany is that she once met Tom Selleck, back in his “Magnum, P.I.” days. Anyone remember THESE? Magnum PI Bubble Gum CardsBut you don’t need to be a P.I. yourself to guess that someone who’s a designer might have a few ideas involving her favorite gum.

“Maybe Glee could come up with a handy purse-size container for those of us who buy the gum in bulk,” Tiffany suggests. “Right now I use an old mint tin, but I’d love to have a container that says ‘Glee Gum’ on it.”

This is an idea that just might stick. Thanks, Tiffany!

Hard-Hitting Investigation by a Junior Journalist

Just how “wild” is Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon Glee Gum?

Seven-year-old Dezi N. of Golden, CO is on a mission to find out. Armed with a sample pack procured by her mom (the founder of Winking Girl! Tomatillo Salsas), Dezi sets out to review the flavor on her “vlog” (video blog), Girl with a Curl.

In addition to reviewing natural products, Dezi also enjoys singing. She tells us that her mom often purchases Glee Gum for her from Sprouts Farmers Market. And she reports that, when she’s not busy chewing gum, she can be found playing.

We think Dezi clearly has a bright future in broadcast journalism. Watch & see what you think!

Featured Fan Dezi N
Dezi enjoys Bubblegum Glee Gum, too!