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Nominate Glee for Green Business of the Year!

Howdy, gum chews!

You might not know this, but the makers of my beloved Glee Gum, Verve, inc., are proud members of Co-op America. Co-op America is a terrific non-profit organization with the noble goal of creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Woo hoo!

Why am I telling you all this right now? Well, it´s time for Co-op America´s 4th annual People´s Choice Award for Green Business of the Year. So if you´d like to nominate the makers of Glee Gum, YOU CAN! Please check out the Nomination Page here. Voting is open August 12 to September 10.

See you at the “polls”!

A Few Reviews, Some Ship-shape Shout-outs, and More!

A recent stroll through Internet-Land produced all sorts of mentions of my favorite thing – GLEE GUM!

It´s true! I couldn´t believe it either. But there Glee was, bouncing along on blog after blog!

Here is a sampling, in case you´d like to read about how other folks feel about Glee! (Besides, of course, Glee-ful…) 

Here at Soapbox Mom, you can read a fun anecdote of a mom caught chewing her cud — by her own kids. Guess what kind of cud it was! 

Then stop by the Green is Sexy website for a sweet sentiment about Glee Gum. Oh la la!

Next let the Green & Clean Mom tell you how great green can be – especially green gum like Glee! (P.S. In spite of all the lovely things she says about the gum, I still don´t recommend you swallow it!)

For a review of new Glee Bubblegum Flavor Gum, take a gander at the Candy Blog. This blogger picked up a pack at the All Candy Expo in Chicago. Nice to know Glee stood out among miles of sweets, treats, and goodies galore!

Next, slide down the rabbit hole to see how Elle in Wonderland likes Glee. Hint: she really likes it!

Then take it from the professionals at Candy Addict. They call it “a fresh-tasting natural gum without a bunch of artificial gunk.” Good thing too, ´cause gunk is bunk. Glee Gum has none of that funk!

Please email me at if you find more write-ups of Glee! And here´s hoping all my loyal gum chums are having a swell summer!

Fancy Food Show? Fancy Meeting YOU Here!

We´re off to take a bite out of the Big Apple… and bites out of lots of other sweet and savory treats as well! 


Because it´s time for the N.A.S.F.T.´s Summer Fancy Food Show! 

The Fancy Food Show features booth after booth of yummy things. So naturally, Glee Gum just has to be there! 

The show is primarily for retailers to come and try new foods for their stores. So if you´re in the business of fine foods — or make fine food your business — you can find out how to attend right here: Fancy Food Show website

The show takes place in midtown Manhattan at the Jacob K. Javitz Center. 
Sunday, June 29: 10 am – 5 pm 
Monday, June 30: 10 am – 5 pm 
Tuesday, July 1: 10 am – 4 pm 

And boy, is it going to be DELICIOUS!

Rhode Island Pride, Festival Fun!

It´s that time of year again! 

Summertime, you say? 

Well, yes, but ALSO… 

Time for the Rhode Island Sustainable Living Festival & Clean Energy Expo! 

Anyone in the Little Rhody region should come on by for fabulous music, great green vendors, and instructive workshops on everything from wind power to weed whacking. 

It´s all happening: 

Saturday June 7, 2008 
10 AM – 8 PM 

Sunday, June 8. 2008 
10 AM – 6 PM 

Nickerson Community Center´s Camp Hamiliton, home of the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living in Western Coventry, Rhode Island. 

Come rain or come shine! It´s scheduled to be a beautiful weekend here in the Ocean State, so hopefully it will be EXTRA shiny! 

For ticket information, directions, and more, check out: the festival website details here or go to 

Be there or be square!

Modern Gear TV Likes GLEE!

Now I don´t mean to be a blog hog, but it looks like my Glee Gum and Candy Kits are taking over the internet!

Both products just received a bang-up write-up on the nifty website Modern Gear TV is a video podcast and blog that reviews swell products and stresses mindful appreciation over mindless consumption. 

Check out what award-winning journalist Tamara Komuniecki thought of Glee Gum and the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit. You can findModern Gear TV´s review of Glee here or look for it on later!

First Candy Snob, now Modern Gear TV. Next stop? World domination!

A maniacal laugh would be appropriate here. Too bad I can only make Gleeful giggles!

No Snubs from "Candy Snob"!

Glee Gum just got a nod from the Candy Snob!

Candy Snob is a wondrous website about candy, filled with reviews and pictures and all sorts of tasty tidbits.

Check out the Candy Snob´s review of my beloved GLEE GUM at Candy Snob here or visit at your leisure! 

Just be careful of perusing the site on an empty stomach. All the candy pictured looks so yummy, you´ll wish it could jump off the screen and into your tummy!

Watch Out, Windy City!

Grab your suitcase and pick up the pace! 

We´re heading to ChiTown this weekend for the Chicago Green Festival! 

Hundreds of other green businesses will be represented there as well, featuring tons of eco-friendly and sustainable products just like Glee Gum! 

…Well, not JUST like Glee Gum. There´s nothing quite like Glee!

If you happen to live near “My Kind of Town”, come pay us a visit!

Saturday, May 17 from 10 AM – 8 PM
Sunday, May 18 from 11 AM – 6 PM
Navy Pier
600 E Grand Avenue, Chicago

For more information, check out the Chicago Green Festival website here!

See you there!

Moseying Over to Minnesota!

Ah, Minnesota…

Home to such wonders as the Mall of America, the world´s biggest ball of twine, and the largest statue of Paul Bunyon… 

Birthplace of such marvels as masking tape, staplers, snowmobiles, and bundt pans… 

Location of the Living Green Expo THIS VERY WEEKEND!

That´s right, folks! My Gleeful representatives are sallying forth to St. Paul, Minnesota for a weekend of fun, excitement, and Glee Gum samples galore!

If you´re in the area, swing on by the Living Green Expo. There will be workshops, family events, food demonstations, music, and more! 

It´s all happening:
Saturday May 3 & Sunday May 4
from 10 AM to 5 PM
at the Minnesota Fair Grounds, 
1755 Dan Patch Ave., St. Paul. 

For more information, check out
the Expo website here now or visit at your leisure. 

Minnesota will never be the same again!

Yay for Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, which always fills me with glee, I am taking this opportunity to post our company´s statement of commitiment to conservation. Why not make your own commitment to a greener lifestyle this year? From riding a bike to recycling, there are loads of way that you can help the earth on a daily basis! So Happy Earth Day to all my gum chums and candy comrades. And here´s hoping that we can celebrate it for years to come! 

A GLEEFUL WAY TO GO GREEN: Verve, Inc.’s Environmental Mission 

Verve, Inc. is an independent, family-owned business, dedicated to linking world communities and creating environmentally and socially responsible products. Verve, Inc. produces two all natural candy lines: Glee Chewing Gum and Make Your Own Candy Kits. 

The Seeds of a Green Idea.
The concept for Verve was born in 1992, the year Deborah Schimberg and her family visited an economically depressed chiclé-producing community in Northern Guatemala. They learned that chiclé had been the basis of the entire chewing gum industry until synthetic resins became the norm. And that’s a shame, because the harvest of chiclé is sustainable and benefits both the rainforest and the economy. In an effort to help create a market for chiclé and to educate folks about it, Verve developed its first product, the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit.

Green By Design. 
Two more candy kits and five flavors of chewing gum later, Verve is still dedicated to providing a sustainable source of income for chiclé-producing communities, while simultaneously offering fun, educational, and eco-friendly products. And they are the only company in North America to do so! Verve also uses recycled cardboard packaging on its products because it is 100% biodegradable. The result is easy on the eyes, to be sure, but it’s also eco-wise! 

Investing in a Greener Future. 
Verve is a dedicated member of 1% for the Planet and Co-op America. Together with others, Verve works to further environmental and social justice. Accordingly, they donate 1% of all sales to organizations which help to conserve the environment. And, to help empower the next generation, Verve offers three academic scholarships per year to the sons and daughters of Mexican chicleros engaged in the study of environmental issues and sustainable forestry. 

From Tree to Glee and Back Again. 
New for 2008, Verve has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant trees in Central America. Trees for the Future is an agroforestry resource center that introduces sustainable land management programs throughout the world, primarily through tree planting initiatives. Since chiclé-harvesting can only protect the sapodilla trees which produce it, this program will help to expand other forests and create more opportunities for environmental sustainability. 

When you give yourself a gleeful treat, helping the rainforest tastes so sweet!

Glee Goes Green at a Big Apple Expo!

Hello, faithful friends!

If you will be in the Big Apple area next weekend, come be gleeful with me at the GO GREEN EXPO! 


Saturday, April 26
10 AM – 6 PM 


Sunday, April 27
10 AM – 3 PM


The Hilton New York
53rd Street at 6th Avenue 
New York, New York


Because it is sure to be a hoot´nanny of a good time! 

There will be over 200 booths, film presentations, hands-on activities, samples, and even an eco-fashion show! (For some strange reason, they have not yet invited me to take a turn on the catwalk. I´m sure it´s an oversight! I´ve been practicing my pivots.)

Want More Info?
Check out The Go Green Expo Website!

Hope to see you there, gum chums!

Chock-Full of Reasons to Chew!

I recently came across an old but intriguing article I just had to share with you – all about the great reasons to chew gum! 

Check out:
“Something to chew over… the health benefits of gum” by Alok Jha, The Guardian International, Thursday, March 30, 2006.
Click here to read!

Off the top of my (disproportionately large) head, I’m thinking of a few other good reasons:

– To exercise your jaw muscles
(without talking someone’s ear off!)

– To freshen your breath
(sweet as you are, you know everyone smells SOMETIMES!)

– To help conserve the rainforest
(at least when you chew Glee Gum!)

– To make loud, glorious smacking sounds
(which EVERYONE loves to hear!!!)

Can you think of more?
Email them to me at and we can discuss!

Ciao for now, my fellow chew-ers!

Glee Gum is Rachael Ray's SNACK OF THE DAY!

Turn on the telly this Tuesday; you´re in for a doozy!

Why? Because on Tuesday, April 15, 2008, my beloved Glee Gum will be featured on Rachael Ray´s Daytime Talk Show as the “Snack of the Day”!

It´s incredible! It´s ingenious! It´s almost too wondrous for words! GOOD GRACIOUS!!! I must try to control my excitement. Lacking a torso as I do, I tire rather quickly. 

For showtimes in your area, check out the Rachael Ray Show website

And don´t forget to tune in Tuesday!