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Glad Tidings from Glee! Plus Recycling Tips, For Free!

This is the time of year when some folks see visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. But those-in-the-know know nothing beats the candy can-can and the chewing gum cha-cha! So get in step with me and fill your holiday with Glee! 

Speaking of sweet stuff, Verve HQ received the neatest Green Living Newsletter the other day from friends at Starfish Junction Productions. It featured a great article entitled “17 Things You Thought You Couldn´t Recycle”, complete with ways to recycle them! 

What kind of things were included? Here´s a sampling:

– Christmas trees

– Holiday lights

– Cell phones

– Sneakers

– Eyeglasses

– Computers

– Prom dresses

– Packing peanuts

And much more!

To read the article in full and sign up for a free e-subscription to Green Living, check out their website at

If you know of more ways to recycle the seemingly un-recyclable, please let me know! It is music to my ears. Email me at

Season´s greetings and happy holidays, gum chums! At the close of another Gleeful year, I´m wishing you heaps and heaps of good cheer!

Stories of Sweets & Sustainability

Looking for a good read?
Look no further!

We´ve got loads of info right here on the Glee Gum website that you may have never noticed before!

For example, if you would like to study the sustainable harvest of chicle in greater detail, turn to a scintillating (hey, you know me and horn-tooting!) essay on the subject in our About Us section. It even includes some lovely portraits of chicleros!

If you wonder why we root for the rainforest, read on for an explanation of our adoration and efforts at conservation.
We hope you will find the biology and ecology of rainforest regions to be as fascinating as we do!

If the story of gum leaves you hungry for more, you´re sure to love The Sticky History of Chewing Gum in our Education section. From lost civilizations to inspired inventors, it´s an adventure all right!

Stick around the Education section for The Gooey Tale of Gummies. Even if you already know that seaweed is the secret to yummy gummies, the way that seaweed is farmed may surprise you!

For “dessert”, cuddle up with The Sweet Saga of Chocolate. Turns out even Montezuma, the last king of the Aztecs, was a sucker for this stuff!

We are always working to make our website more fun and informative. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know with a quick email to 

Now jeepers creepers, rest those weepers of yours already! And have a wonderful weekend, gum chums!

Gleeful Gift Giving Ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Unless you’re full of Glee like me, in which case you are generally jolly all year round. 

Know what will make folks ESPECIALLY jolly? Receiving a great holiday gift from YOU!

Do you doubt it? Think about it! There are myriad gift options across Internet Land. I’ll help you get started by sharing the gift guides I’ve scanned! Each guide lists one gift that’s recurring. Read on to learn to what I’m referring! 

First off, you’ve gotta check out TreeHugger. Their 2008 Holiday Gift Guide is themed “Give Green to Save Green.” It’s plum full of earth-friendly gifts, with over 100 ideas in cute categories like “Jet Setter”, “Green Geek” and even “Wee-Hugger” for the kiddies. Check out the “For the Foodie” section to find a feature on my very own Make Your Own Candy Kits!

On Goodies for Mom, the Green Holiday Gift Guide includes everything from certified organic catnip for feline friends to the Powermonkey Explorer Solar Charger for techies. The Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit makes an appearance too!

The Make Your Own Candy Kits are also listed as one of the Top 10 Kids Gifts in Yahoo! Green’s 2008 Green Holiday Gift Guide. Other neat gift ideas they share? The Neuton Electric Lawn Mower, the Bamboo Utensil Set, and a rather robust Rain Barrel!

On the, the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit is highlighted in their Holiday Gift Guide 2008. The “Gifts for Little Scientists” section also featured the zOrb by Carson digital microscope and Great Scientist Finger Puppets. Fine company! 

And for gifts that do good, check out World of Good by eBay. It’s an online marketplace of sellers and products that are “People Positive and Eco Positive.” They even offer a “goodprint” guide to the positive impact of your purchase! As you may have guessed, my beloved activity kits for kids are available there too! (Remember I am a mascot after all. I’ve gotta stand for something!)

Any gum chums in South Carolina? If so, tune in to “Your Carolina with Jack & Kimberly” on WSPA (CBS Greenville/Spartanburg) this Friday, December 5 between 10 am and 11 am to catch a holiday gift segment featuring an “Under $40 Guide” – including, of course, the Make Your Own Candy Kits! For more info, check out the show website.

In conclusion, it appears that the Make Your Own Candy Kits are pretty much the greatest holiday gift around. So as not to appear too biased (biased? who, me?!), I would also like to remind you that my Mini Glee Variety Pack makes the sweetest stocking stuffer this side of Candy Land! Just in case you are still scratching your head…

Thanks Be to Those Who Inspire Glee!

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, I have been very busy thanking each and every flavor of Glee Gum for existing. 

Of course, I’ve also been feeling grateful for a lot of other folks. Including, but not limited to, the pals who inspire me! I’m talking about real stand-up guys, great role models for a humble mascot like myself. 

So hardy, heartfelt THANK YOUs to

– Cracker Jack
– Tony the Tiger
– Pillsbury Dough Boy
– Kool Aid Man
– Toucan Sam
– Charlie the Tuna
– Hello Kitty 
– Michelen Man
– all the Keebler Elves (hiya, fellas!)
– that burly Brawny Paper Towel Man, who also inspires me to occasionally hit the gym.

Hm, whom am I leaving out? Quite a few, no doubt! Email if you can think of other proud product mascots I should thank!

In the meantime, know who else I’m thankful for? YOU! Thanks for being such faithful gum chums! And here’s wishing you and yours a happy holiday tomorrow!

Don Hogan Charles/The New York Times

Behind Every Great Man…

… is a great woman! 

After all, John Adams had Abigail, FDR had Eleanor, and Mr. Obama has Michelle. 

And what about me? Okay, so your friendly neighborhood chewing gum mascot may not be presidential material. But the Glee Guy’s got a First Lady all right! 

Introducing (drum roll, please) the one, the only… Deborah Schimberg! She is the fearless leader of Verve, inc., the maker of Glee Gum! 

Debbie, as we Gleeful folks call her, loves to travel. On one fateful trip back in ’92, Debbie visited Northern Guatemala. It was there that she first met a few chicleros, the skilled laborers who harvest chicle from the sapodilla trees in the rainforest. She learned that chicle was once the basis for the entire chewing gum industry, but was later replaced with synthetic materials. As a result, chicle-producing communities had become economically depressed. 

Debbie hoped that by purchasing chicle and creating a chicle-based product, she could help support the sustainable harvest of chicle– which in turn helps to conserve the rainforest. So she did, starting with the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit and ending with a full line of Glee Gum! Yum! 

Debbie recently received recognition of her aforementioned fearless leadership from the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE). The CWE has just certified Verve, inc. as a woman-owned business meeting the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council criteria. Woo hoo!

The CWE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women start and grow their own businesses. To learn more about them and all the great work they do, check out their website at

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to American corporations. For more information on their mission, events, and programs, check out THEIR website at

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research (, women-owned businesses now make up 40% of all privately held businesses. The Center says, overall, there are 10.1 million women-owned firms employing more than 13 million people and generating $1.9 million in sales as of 2008! So the facts speak for themselves. Behind every great woman is… another great woman!

Gum chums, I’m guessing there’s a great woman (or twenty) in your lives. I recommend giving her a token of your appreciation today. And nothing shows you care more than a pack (or twenty) of delicious, delectable Glee Gum!

All About Gum Base!

Hiya, friends! 
How you be? 
Me? Well, as usual, I´m full of Glee!

And this website o´ mine is full of fun facts about Glee Gum. But what about the special stuff that gives the yummy gum good chew?

GUM BASE is the part of Glee Gum – and all chewing gum – that gives it that terrific chew-y texture! 

The gum base in Glee Gum (and the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit) is a mix of natural rubbers (chicle!!!), waxes, and resins. When combined with sugar, syrup, and flavor, it becomes delicious, delectable chewing gum! But did you know some folks like to chew our gum base PLAIN? It´s true!

Our gum base has a subtle, woodsy taste. It has no nutritional value, can be chewed in pellet form, and makes a great carb-free snack between meals! 

Some people chew our plain gum base as a smoking cessation tool. A mouthful of gum means no room for cigarettes! Woo hoo!

Others chew plain gum base as a handy dandy way to snack without disturbing their restricted diets. For example, patients on the ketogenic diet– a diet used to aid in the treatment of childhood epilepsy– can´t eat many carbs. So some dieticians order the carb-free gum base by the pound for use at children´s hospitals, and multiple families order it for consumption at home. For more information on the ketogenic diet, check out the Epilepsy Foundation website´s explanation here. Who knew?

We even know a fella who uses plain gum base as fishing bait! Of course, being vegetarians, we can´t help feeling a bit sorry for those gummed up fishies!

Our gum base is available in 4 oz. “Refill Kits” which can be purchased directly from our website. For information on buying it by the pound, you can also contact us directly at

Maybe you can think of other uses for this amazing stuff! Let us know if so! Until then, gum chums – cheerio!

Bringing Glee to Washington, DC!

With all the anticipation and excitement brewing in Washington, DC right now, who wouldn’t want to be there? So I am bringing some of my best gum chums and Gleeful ambassadors down this very weekend! 

We’ll celebrate all things green and spread Glee in between at the Green Festival. You should come too! 

Saturday, November 8, 2008, 10 AM – 7 PM 
Sunday, November 9, 2008, 11 AM – 6 PM 

Washington, DC Convention Center 
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW 
Washington, DC 20001 

The Green Festival is a joint project of Global Exchange and Co-op America, and it is sure to be a hoot ’nanny of a good time! It features over 100 scintillating speakers, 300 great green businesses, loads of cool classes, wacky workshops, fabulous food, live music, and much MORE! 

But Wait! Guess What? 
As exhibitors, we have a few complimentary Green Festival one-day passes up for grabs! If you live in the DC area and would like to attend, head to the Exhibitor Registration station located at the base of the escalators (at “East Registration” in the Convention Center). There, our first 20 guests can announce that they were invited by Verve, inc./ Glee Gum and receive a one-day pass to this fun-filled event! These 20 passes will be available on a first come, first serve basis, so hurry over if you have any hankering to attend! 

More Info? 
Check out for a full list of speakers, exhibitors, and activities. 

See you in DC! Yippee!

Glee Puts the WEE in HalloWEEn!

Okay, okay. 
I know I´ve been talking about Halloween like it´s my JOB lately. 

But it turns out that I am not the only one! All over Internet-Land, folks just keep harping on this happily haunted holiday. Ain´t it grand? And even grander: a lot of ´em can´t stop mentioning GLEE! Woo wee!

Just take a gander at some of the articles I´ve collected here in the last few weeks. They´re filled with tips, tricks, and treats to make your Halloween the best yet! Not to mention the greenest!

Check out:

– The Natural News Network,
“A Green Halloween?”

– iVillage, 
“Green Your Halloween”

– Planet Green,
“Buy Green: Halloween Candy”

– Ideal Bite,
“What a Sucker- Halloween Prep Week”

– Boston Mamas,
“Green Your Halloween”

– The Food Channel,
“Turning Green for Halloween”

– Green Is Sexy,
“Happy Halloween!”

– Crunchy Domestic Goddess,
“Trick-or-Treat: Halloween Candy Alternatives”

-KTLA [live TV!],
“Green Halloween”

– Vital Juice Daily,
“Spooky Snacks”

– Inhabitots, 
“Green Halloween Idea: Green Gum and Organic Lollipops”

– Surterre Eco Blog,
“Green Halloween”

– Adventures in Eco-Living,
“Natural, Organic, and Healthy Halloween Candy”

– Simple Green Action,
“Make It A Green Halloween”

– Low Impact Living,
“Make Your Halloween Less Scary”

– Brooklyn Green Team,
“This Halloween Go As A Carbon Footprint!”

– Regionz Kidz,
“Make Halloween Green In Your Community”

And just in case you weren´t glued to the boob tube this weekend, I feel compelled to mention that Glee Gum was also on an episode of ACCESS HOLLYWOOD! On Oct. 25! As an example of a great, green, natural candy for Halloween! Can you believe it? Glee Gum in Hollywood. What a superstar!

That reminds me. I still need to find a costume! What do you think about the idea of being SuperGum? It´s a bird, it´s a plane, it´s a mean, green, chewing machine! 

…You´re right. Okay, back to the drawing board.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

A Hit for Halloween: Mini Glee Variety is Sheer Poetry!

As I have mentioned, Halloween is upon us. And it seems like everyone is getting into the spooky spirit of the thing!

For a neat article on the subject, check out “Sustaina-Boo!” at This environmental news & commentary site suggests giving Glee Gum to trick-or-treaters. Whatta GOOD IDEA!

Then stop by for eco-author Sophie Uliano´s tips on making Halloween more “eeeko” friendly. She thinks Glee Gum is perfect for the occasion too! Read on for other cool ideas from costumes to candles right here.

While you´re stocking up on sweet ideas for the season, consider our new Mini Glee Variety Pack! The 4-piece packs of Glee inside are just the right size for sharing with your kindly neighborhood goblins and ghouls. 

The Mini Glee Variety Pack is available online and at lots of stores around the country. In celebration of this fact, I have composed a little poem. Please try to contain your excitement!

O, Mini Glee Variety Pack
Filled with the gum I love to smack

Triple Berry, Tangerine, and Bubblegum too
In French I must say: 
Je t´aime beaucoup!

You´re the perfect medly for purse or pinata
And what can beat that? Really… 

In any language, you make the best possible snack
So thank you, dear sweet Variety Pack!


I know, I know. Don´t quit my day job!

Until next time, gum chums, I remain your humble, happy Glee Guy.


Have a GREEN Halloween!

Halloween is nearly here! Wonder how I will dress up? I don´t mind tellin´ ya, it´s awful hard to find a costume that fits over my huge head! And I am absolutely NOT going to be a tomato… again…

Of course, with Halloween just around the corner, it means that lots and lots of CANDY is too. And nothing tastes as sweet as an eco-friendly treat! That’s why Glee Gum is thrilled to participate in Green Halloween® this year! Forget orange and black. With a month full of events in cities across the U.S., this community movement is adding some much-needed GREEN to Halloween! 

Green Halloween® is a non-profit, grassroots organization striving to create healthier, eco-friendlier holidays– beginning with Halloween. Now in its second year, the movement is all about educating and inspiring communities by showing how easy, affordable, and fun it can be to factor our earth and our health into our daily choices. In a show of support, Glee Gum is donating over ten thousand samples for Green Halloween® events in six different cities: Seattle, WA, Canton, CT, Phoenix, AZ, Daytona Beach, FL, Los Angeles, CA and the Bay Area, CA. That´s a lot of gum!

From a pumpkin prowl at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle to a spookfest at the Little Green Tambourine in Canton, events with Green Halloween® are sure to be a scream! And Green Halloween® booths will also be cropping up at lots of local festivals and eco-friendly stores to chat with interested parents and hand out tasty treats to tots. You can learn more about the movement and find fun events near you at the Green Halloween® website.

Green Halloween® is a program of Treeswing, a non-profit based in Seattle which aims to improve kids’ health and prevent childhood obesity. Quite a noble cause! 

So have a happier, healthier, GREENer Halloween this year. And remember, eco-friendly eating makes for sweeter trick-or-treating!

Vegetarians of the World, UNITE!

Hip Hip Hooray! It´s World Vegetarian Day!

That´s right, my friends. I just heard the news myself. October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. And that is but the beginning of an entire Vegetarian Awareness Month! Lands! Can you believe it?

Turns out World Vegetarian Day was founded by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) way back in 1977. The event was later endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978. I learned all about it at the website Check it out!

Vegetarian Awareness Month is meant to encourage people to eat vegetarian meals and to spread the word about the movement through posters, books, promotions, and more. In past years, participants have included schools, co-ops, restaurants, colleges, and health centers. This year, maybe that list will include YOU!

You may not know this, but Glee Gum is actually certified vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). You might ask: isn´t ALL chewing gum vegetarian? Surprisingly, some gums really aren´t! That´s because certain gums contain ingredients such as glycerol monostearate or gelatins which are derived from animal products. Blech!

The AVA certification logo on Glee Gum lets gum-chewers know that Glee is suitable for vegetarians. For more info about the AVA, check out their website here. But vegans, steer clear! Glee Gum is not vegan because it contains beeswax and resinous glaze. Check out the FAQ´s on our site to lean more.

In the meantime, Happy World Vegetarian Day to all!

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth(s) Is

Glee Gum is all about eco-friendliness. But the makers of Glee factor environmental concerns into more than just ingredients, packaging, and business practices. For the last year, Verve, inc. has also been a proud member of 1% for the Planet. That means 1% of ALL sales of Glee Gum and Candy Kits are donated to environmental organizations. 

1% for the Planet (or 1% FTP) has a mission to “keep earth in business.” Since their inception in 2001, this novel non-profit has recruited over 700 businesses worldwide, all committed to donating 1% of sales to environmental groups. 1% FTP is particulary nifty in that it places the power of environmental change in the hands of its members, allowing them to send donations directly to the specific groups they choose. Woo hoo!

For the makers of Glee Gum, that means donations to organizations that we know and believe in. Locally we contribute to the Southside Community Land Trust, which provides community gardens, environmental education, and more in the same inner city Providence neighborhood where Verve, inc.´s offices are located. Love them!

We are also thrilled to support the Center for Creative Learning in Monteverde, Costa Rica. More info on this innovative school is written up on the About Us page of our website. Check it out!

And with the help of the Forest Foundation, we grant six academic scholarships per year to the sons and daughters of Mexican chicleros (the folks who harvest chicle, the key ingredient in Glee Gum!). The scholarships are for students to pursue environmental studies in the fields of biology, ecology, and/or sustainable forestry. 

We hope ALL businesses appreciate the relationship between industry and ecology, and find their own environmental agencies to support. As Yvon Chouinard, co-founder of 1% For the Planet as well as Patagonia, once said, you can consider it an “Earth Tax.” But we think it´s the kind of tax that EVERYONE benefits from paying.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the 1% for the Planet logo on other products you enjoy! Lots of like-minded service providers are members too!