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Meet Wee Glee! Plus a Giveaway & a Candy Kit Cutie

Howdy do, gum chews!

I am delighted to introduce you to a brand new product: WEE GLEE!

(And no, I did not have a Glee Baby.)

Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, oh-so-yummy Wee Glee!
Golly gee! It's Wee Glee!

Wee Glee is Glee Gum in a nifty new form: itsy bitsy, teeny weeny pieces perfectly sized to pop by the handful. Each 1-ounce box contains a scrumptious medley of four fantastic flavors: Tangerine, Triple Berry, Bubblegum, and *new* Banana!

Did you catch that last part? I said, NEW BANANA! It’s true, it’s true; a new Glee flavor for YOU! It’s mellow, yellow, sunny and sometimes it’s the lyric in songs that are funny. Hear, hear for the brilliant, the blog-worthy BANANA! 

Wee Glee comes in cases of 8 boxes, so you can share it with all of your best gum chums. It may even help you make some new ones! For more information about Wee Glee or to place an order, just click right here

In the meantime… check out this great Mini Glee Variety Giveaway at the gluten-free lifestyle site,!


For a chance to win one of five FREE Mini Glee Variety packs, go to the post “WIN-It-Wednesday: Glee Gum”. All you need do to enter is to reply to the post with something that made you happy today. Easy-peasy! Winners will be chosen at random, and the deadline to enter is Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 12 midnight EST. So, what are ya waiting for?

In conclusion, I just want to thank 1StopMom for the bang-up review (and giveaway) of the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit!  She even included some adorable pictures of a young cacao-bean taste-tester. To check it out, click here

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an awful lot of Wee Glee to chew. May I suggest the same for you?

Time to Celebrate National Candy Month!

Hey gum chums! Did you know that June is National Candy Month? ‘Tis true!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Shouldn’t every month be national candy month?

Well, yes. Unofficially-speaking, off the record, every month IS candy month. Especially if you’re a stalwart, steadfast Glee Gum-chewer!

But OFFICIALLY, June is the month when you can really, truly revel in eating all the sweet stuff. So what are you waiting for? Halloween is far away; start enjoying candy today. Take a break from the gym, but keep on your gym clothes– your candy-consumption can benefit from elastic waistbands!

To celebrate as as sweetly as possible, I say enjoy at least one treat a day. June is now your favorite month, eh?


I am really serious about this. It's Candy Month. Go eat some candy.
I am really serious about this. It's Candy Month. Go eat some candy.

A Call to Compete (Hey, the Prizes are Neat!)

Hiya, gum chums!

Just in case you missed this tantalizing tidbit in the Glee Gum May-June ’09 Newsletter… 

(P.S. Why do you keep missing tantalizing tidbits, you ol’ tomfool?  Sign up for the newsletter already!)

Glee Gum is hosting an elegant, eloquent POETRY CONTEST!

Yes, that’s right! Oh, the sheer delight!

You may have noticed that I kind of like to rhyme.  Perhaps you even enjoyed my recent compositions, entitled “A Salute to Spearmint” and “A Ballad for Bubblegum.” No? Oh. 

Well, here’s YOUR chance to show off your way with words, your silver-penned stanzas and your brilliant balladry!

Just send us a poem, in any form – whether haiku, sonnet, or limerick it be. But be sure to include the word “glee” – and at least one rhyme for it, like “yippee”!

The top three Glee-ful poets will each win a brand new, fully loaded Glee Gum Dispenser. Talk about poetry in motion!

Here’s the fine print:

To enter the Glee Poetry Contest, send your poem in the body of an email along with your name and zip code to by June 30, 2009. To be eligible for consideration, poems must include the word “glee” and at least one rhyme for it. Poems must not contain profanity. There is no limit to the number of poems you can send, and they can be on any subject. We plan to post as many submissions as possible to, so keep your eyes peeled for ’em!

Thanks to the Green Mom Review for helping to spread the word!

And while I’m on the subject of contests…

Congratulations to the winners of the GLEE GUM SWEEPSTAKES at Trader Joe’s

Enthusiasts of Trader Joe’s, the “neighborhood grocery store,” recently vied for the chance to win a gift card to their local branch at Trader Joe’s

Ten lucky runner-ups each won a carton of Glee Gum, in the flavor of their choice:

Congratulations, John D., Nikki M., Ly T., Niki R., Barbara L., Kat S., Doug G., Anthony F., Becky C., and Linda A.!

One big winner took home the grand prize: a $100 gift certificate to Trader Joe’s!

Congratulations, Aditi R.!

In closing, apropos of nothing, I leave you with a picture sent to us this week by a wee Glee-ful fan. Or rather, a wee Glee-ful fan’s parents!


She may be too little to chew the gum, but she certainly enjoys the box!
She may be too little to chew the gum, but she certainly enjoys the box!

Isn’t she precious? Have a wonderful weekend, sweet ones!




Why Gum Is Good & Glee's a Blog Hog

Hello to you, gum chews!

Have you been reading all the neat news about the benefits of chewing gum? You know I have!

Chew on this:

Last month, the Los Angeles Times‘ Shari Roan wrote about how “Chewing gum raises kids’ math scores.” 

That’s not all!

HealthDay News published an April piece entitled, “Gum Chewing May Cut Craving for Snacks”, while the Boston Globe headlined a March article, “Better thinking through gum” 

AND a recent Health Beat article from Your Total Health posed the question “Can Chewing Gum Make You Smarter and Thinner”? Hint: the answer is Glee-ful!

Speaking of Glee (oh, you know me!):

In local news, Gail Ciampa of the Providence Journal (Glee Gum’s hometown paper!) wrote a great piece entitled “Rhode Island’s Glee Gum part of sustainable-harvest effort.”

And the blogosphere is all a’ buzz with mentions of my favorite gum!

Glee appeared in “Healthy Snacks-Part Three”  on the Latest Addictions blog, where family-friendly recipes are explored. 


At the healthy living blog Jacksons World, readers enjoyed a chance to win free Glee with the post “Glee Gum & a Giveaway”!

besides which…

Eco Child’s Play, a blog about green parenting and healthy homes, featured Glee as a fun party favor in “Eco Friendly Pinata How To.”


Looks like a new fan was born in blogger Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 with the post “Review: Glee Gum”. 


Another rave  “Glee Gum Review” came courtesy of 1 Stop Mom. Thanks, “Mom”!


Speaking of reviews, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Ashtyn Evans of LI-Kids for the fabulous “Foodie Review: Make Your Own Chocolate Kits”. Thank YOU, Ashtyn!


Last but certainly not least, check out Diva Talk Radio for a fun feature on Verve president Deborah Schimberg. You can even listen to a podcast of the interview right here!

Gee whiz, all this positive press is almost enough to make me blush. Well, ALMOST!


Chew Glee, Watch "Glee" TONIGHT!

Hiya, gum chums! 

Just in case you missed the mention in the latest issue of the newsletter, I’ve got a great new show recommendation for you. 

Tune in TONIGHT to…

GLEE™ & © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Glee Gum is proud to cross-promote its products in conjunction with FOX and “Glee,” a new one-hour comedy musical series from Ryan Murphy (“Nip/Tuck”). “Glee” is an uplifting show with biting humor that features a soundtrack of hit music from past to present. The show follows an optimistic high school teacher as he tries to refuel his own passion while reinventing the high school’s glee club and challenging a group of underdogs to realize their star potential. Tune in to a special “Glee” preview event TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 19, at 9/8c, following the “Americon Idol” finale on FOX.

Chew Glee, Watch “Glee” and Go Gleefully!

Sustainable Art? Smart!

Hey Glee-ful guys and gals!

Looking for a bit of arts and cult-cha? Lucky enough to live in the NYC-area, or planning to pass that way soon? Don’t miss the neatest new exhibit in town!

The Design for a Living World exhibit just opened last night at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The Cooper-Hewitt is a beautiful branch of the Smithsonian Institution; it’s located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and dedicated to historic and contemporary design. If you’ve never been there before, now’s the time to go! 

Design for a Living World encourages folks to think about where products come from, how they are made, and what impact they have on the environment. It all began when the Nature Conservancy commissioned ten leading designers to create new objects from sustainable materials sourced around the world. The results include vegetable ivory and black pearl jewelry, salmon leather shoes, bamboo furniture, and even chicle latex vases! 

Open through January 4, 2010, this special exhibit is an innovative celebration of conservation. While you’re there, swing by the gift shop for a unique treat that happens to be my favorite sweet!

Taste familiar?
Taste familiar?

The makers of Glee Gum actually created a special mint medley for the exhibit gift shop. Try it; it’s delicious! (You do know “vested interest” is my middle name, right? *wink*) 

For more information on the designers, products, and places involved in the Design for a Living World exhibit, check out In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, gum chums!

Green Spotlight On… Trees for the Future!

Hope you are enjoying spring and all the buds and blossoms it brings… And, yes, occasional allergies too. *a-CHOO!* 

Speaking of all things swell and green, there’s a great group on which I’m keen. Introducing…  Trees for the Future

logo2Since chicle-harvesting can only protect the sapodilla trees that produce it, the folks here at Glee Gum were wondering what else we could do to help keep forests fertile for years to come. That’s when we learned about this super-duper organization with the super-power name! 

Trees for the Future is an agroforestry resource center that introduces sustainable land management programs to developing countries, primarily through tree planting programs. All across the world, Trees for the Future empowers rural groups to restore forests, protect the environment, and preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures. Hear, hear!

Covering Seedbeds in Honduras
Covering Seedbeds in Honduras

Verve, inc., the maker of Glee Gum, is proud to partner with Trees for the Future in their efforts to plant trees in Central America. Now, for each pack of Glee Gum that you purchase and then register online here, a tree is planted! You’ll even receive a nifty certificate of thanks. Planting trees is an immediate way to offset our carbon footprint, and have a lot of fun to boot. Give it a try!

3-Month-Old Seedlings of Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (Phew! That's a name!)
3-Month-Old Seedlings of Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (Phew! That's a name!)

To learn more about our partnership with Trees for the Future and all the great work they do, please click here. 

If you happen to live in the Washington, DC-area, there are a few upcoming fundraisers you can check out too! There’s a silent art auction in Bethesda, MD on Saturday, May 30, and two benefit concerts of the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic on Sunday, May 31 and Sunday, June 7. For more information on these events and others, please click here

Children at a School in Honduras with the Plants They're Growing!
Children at a School in Honduras with the Plants They're Growing. Keep Up the Good Work, Guys!

Until next time, gum chums!

P.S. There’s a new Glee newsletter coming out this week, with additional info on Trees for the Future, special discounts, promotions, and more! If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to do it

Black and White and Read All Over!

Happy belated Earth Day, everyone!

Hope you all had a chance to go outside and enjoy nature at its finest this past Wednesday. Given the number of Glee Gum giveaways happening at stores across the country that day, maybe you also had a chance to pop a piece or three of Glee!

Today, the weather is bright and beautiful here in RI. But me, I’m inside. Why, you ask? I’m catching up on all the Glee-ful news, of course!  

Now, I know what they say about horns and tooting one’s own. But hey! It’s Friday, I’ve got the horn, and I’ve just gotta toot!

Get Ready for Good News!
Get Ready for Good News!

So, for starters:

Have you seen this great, in-depth interview with company president Deborah Schimberg on Good Biz 113? This neat website is all about “showcasing socially responsible small-business policies and partnerships for the greatest possible win-win-win good.” They recently posted a fabulous feature on all things Glee, entitled, “Verve, inc. Puts Sustainable Bite on All-Natural Chewing Gum and Educational Candy-Making Kits for Kids.” Check it out!


Thanks to Nikki at Go Away Gluten for the groovy post about gluten-free Glee, “Do You Know What You’re Chewing?”  Of course, in my case, that’s strictly a rhetorical question!


Kudos to Meghann, who hosted a super Glee Gum Review & Giveaway on her fun blog,”The Inner Workings of a College Graduate.” Over 200 gum-chewers vied for the prize: a Mini Glee Variety pack!


Speaking of giveaways, thanks again to Leslie at Recycle Your Day, who highlighted Glee Gum again, as well as the Make Your Own Candy Kits, in her “Happy Earth Day! Eco Giveaway Celebration” this week. Whatta pal!


Thanks to Annies Home for the glowing Glee Gum review! This mom of six knows her stuff!

Not to mention:

Nice work, Maura of Neat Sweets, on the fine selection of Cinnamon Glee from Economy Candy (“This Economy Makes Me Happy”). Can’t help but agree with your site’s assertion that calling a dessert “too sweet” is akin to saying it’s “too delicious.” And, as you put it, that’s “just crazy-talk”!

In addition:

YouTube? I Tube! Really, what can’t you find on that magical, mysterious, and often mystifying site? Well, I found a few more videos about Glee. Woo wee! What a sight to see. They range from the enthusiastic (“Aspartame-free gum!!”) to the the experimental (“The Wonderful World of Glee Gum”) and beyond (“Glee Gum Organic Rap”)!

Okay, enough time indoors. Time to go outside, play, and plant a tree in honor of Arbor Day! To learn more about this happy holiday, check out the Arbor Day Foundation’s website. They’ve got loads of information to help you celebrate! 

Happy Arbor Day, everyone!

Such a Treat to Be Featured in Bon Appétit!

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the Union. But as anyone who lives here knows, we’ve got BIG appetites for great food! 

And why stop at great food when there is also grand, glorious chewing gum? Like, say, GLEE?

In the new May issue of Bon Appétit Magazine, Glee Gum in Triple Berry flavor has been named one of the top three treats in the state of RI. And that’s no easy feat, given all the yummy eats to be found around here!

Triple Berry, Superstar!
Triple Berry, Superstar!

In the article “The United Plates of America”,  Bon Appétit celebrates the best things to eat, drink, and buy throughout the country. For the entry on Rhode Island, “what to buy” is Glee Triple Berry Gum. YUM!

The experts at Bon Appétit also recommend pork pie from Hartley’s Pork Pies in Lincoln, RI and bitter rhubarb and strawberry punch from La Laiterie at Farmstead in Providence. Hmm, is anyone else feeling hungry?

Have a fun and food-filled weekend, gum chums!

Love to Compete? SWEET!

Has the season added a bit of spring to your step? 

Maybe even filled you with the fire of a little friendly competition?  

Well, eager beavers and Glee-ful go-getters, I’ve got just the thing for you! In fact, not one thing but TWO!

As it happens, Glee Gum’s got two neat n’ nifty contests going on this month! Why not test your luck, try your hand, and take part?

The first contest is one that you may have read about in our Glee Gum Newsletter. But for those of you who have not (p.s. sign up for the newsletter already!), here’s the scoop:


If making environmentally-friendly choices fills you with Glee, take a picture for posterity!

Send us your best shot of you or a friend doing something green. Whether you’re recycling or bicycling, make sure to include a pack of Glee Gum somewhere in the scene. The top three photographers will each win a brand new Glee Gum Dispenser!

To enter the Glee Photography Contest, send your picture, name, email address, and zip code to by April 30, 2009. To be eligible for consideration, pictures must include an example of your preferred eco-friendly activity and a pack of Glee Gum. There is no limit to the number of photographs you can send. We plan to post as many submissions as possible to a new Glee Gallery on our website, so smile!



But wait! There’s another!


Love shopping at Trader Joe’s? Enthusiasts of the “neighborhood grocery store” will get a real kick out of the chance to win a gift card to their local branch!

Hosted by the fabulous site Trader Joe’s, the Glee Gum Sweepstakes  is easy to enter. Just click here

All you need to do is describe why you love Glee Gum in 50 words or less (I know, I know! So hard to summarize!) Ten lucky runner-ups will each win a carton of Glee Gum (any flavor, 12 packs per carton). One big winner will take home the grand prize: a $100 gift certificate to Trader Joe’s!

As an added bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for which new, natural products you’d like Glee Gum to produce next– and even suggest your own! Well? What are ya waiting for?

Oooo, I almost forgot! If you love contests, stay tuned for a BIG one. It’s comin’ soon, and it’s gonna be HUGE!

In the meantime… have a wonderful weekend, gum chums!





Glee Giveaway on "Rachael Ray"! Plus More Neat News

Stumped by what to do tomorrow morning? 

Fear not, my friends!

Just tune in to Rachael Ray’s Daytime Talk Show for her fun-filled, 500th episode. Swell celebrity guests like Barbara Walters, Matthew McConaughey, David Letterman, and Harry Connick, Jr. will be dropping by to help celebrate the occasion. And doncha know? GLEE GUM will be there too! Glee Gum is proud to be a part of the show’s 500 snack giveaway. For a chance to win it, you gotta watch the episode air this Wednesday, April 1. Click here to find showtimes in your area. Hooray for Rachael Ray!

But wait, I’ve got more news-worthy items for you to hear about! (And lots more folks to cheer about!)

Kudos to blogger Ashley at Daily Goods for the great write-up, “Gleeful Giveaway!” ! On her neat site, one lucky reader can even win a Make Your Own Gummies Kit!

Thanks to boywithnoname in Canada for a most pleasing post entitled “My glee for Glee Gum”. Here’s hoping it will get our other north-of-the-border buddies excited about Glee too!


Belated thanks to Leslie at Recycle Your Day for the shot of Glee in action at the Go Green Expo! What a fun show that was.


Applause is due to the creative folks over at YouTube (tee hee!) for a video that really tickled our funny bones: “Glee Gum.” Where do you guys come up with this stuff? *sigh*


Thanks to blogger Jane4Girls for the Glee Gum Review and Giveaway! For a chance to win coupons, enter her contest before Friday April 3 at noon CST.

not to mention…

Yay for the inaugural issue of the new Glee Gum Newsletter! Check it out right here for all sorts of fun and excitement, including but not limited to: a sneak peek at a new product, a feature on maple syrup, several exclusive specials, and even a Glee Photography Contest!

To sign up to receive the next issue, click here. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to friend me, the Glee Guy, on myspace and Facebook!

Until next time, gum chums!


News of Glee as Far as the Eye Can See!
News of Glee as Far as the Eye Can See!

Q & A with a Glee-ful Adventure Runner

Hiya, gum chums!

Earlier this week, we introduced you to a certain athlete/ Glee Gum enthusiast in the post Go, Mike Stemple, Go!

In just two days, adventure runner Mike Stemple will embark on the Atacama Crossing, a 155-mile footrace across a desert in Chile. But he took a few minutes from his hectic pre-race schedule to answer some of our burning questions about his sport of choice. Check it out!

Q: How did you get started in adventure running?

A: Last summer (2008) I became very sick and my doctors thought I may have MS. While we are still unsure whether I have it or not, it forced me to examine my life a little more closely. During the time I was sick, I read an article in which the author posed the question, “What would you do if you where not afraid?” For me this was a major, life-changing moment. I realized that I was very afraid of many things and these fears had caused me to live a “safe” life. I vowed then and there to never live with fear again and decided to put my body, mind, and spirit through the hardest ordeals I could find so that others could see that a life without fear is possible. Hence I chose the hardest series of running races possible.

Q: What are the challenges involved?
A: There are numerous challenges I face training and competing for these races. The first is the toll it takes on my body. I have lost numerous toenails in training, have to ice my knees and ankles most every night, and am tired alot. Second is the time challenge. I am working on launching 3 new companies and have to squeeze 3-4 hrs a day of training in. Thirdly is getting used to running with the weight of a backpack on. My pack with water weighs 30 lbs.; that is the same as 6 yellow-page phone books. 
Q: What are some of the rewards?
A: The rewards of pursing these races are that I have learned that my body, mind and spirt like to lie to me. There are many times I want to stop because I hurt, or the distance seems too far, or the idea of running 155 miles is just unattainable. I think these fears creep up in everyone but I have learned that most fears are not real and that I can do just about anything by ignoring the protective lies I like to tell myself.
Q: [Shameless plug!] Why do you always bring Glee Gum on races?
A: I love Glee Gum. Not only is the story of the natural nature of the product cool, but it is the only gum I like. A trick I learned when running is to chew gum. It keeps your mouth moist and makes you swallow more. This keeps cotton-mouth from developing. Also it helps you from not clenching your jaw muscle and allows your neck to relax a little more.

Golly! Who knew there was so much good chewing gum can do? (Of course, we always suspected it to be true!)
Go get ’em, Mike!