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Hiya, gum chums!

Have you heard about the new TV show with the best title ever? Here at Glee Gum, we can’t wait for the “Glee” series premiere Wednesday, September 9 (9/8 c) on FOX!  And clearly, neither can scores of fans!   

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So where can all those enthusiastic “Glee” fans, otherwise known as gleeks, find the best place online to gleek out? provides all the latest news, spoilers, pictures, interviews, music, and videos for everything “Glee.” Established on May 7th of this year, gets bigger and better every day. And be sure to follow the related Twitter account for contests, promotions and more- including an upcoming, exclusive Glee Gum giveaway!

Okay, gleeks. Only eight days to wait!

A Tale of Fan Mail

Dear Glee Gum…

Letters that begin this way nearly always have something sweet to say. This latest included photos too. So dear were they, I thought I’d share them with you!

Lori M. of Pennsylvania heard about our Make Your Own Candy Kits in an email from Suzanne B., the columnist of Suzanne tried the Candy Kits with a visiting grand-daughter, and here’s what she reported:

DearReader Vacation Pic

So Lori felt inspired to give them a try too! She writes:

… As we were going camping with our grand-daughters in less than two weeks, I rushed home from work and checked out your website.  You see, both of the girls LOVE gum – all kinds – bubble, chewing, sticks, powders, squares, sweet, sour, minty, fruity… you name it, they’ll chew it.  I bought your  ‘Make Your Own Chewing Gum’ kit and waited with crossed fingers that it would arrive in time.  Amazingly, I had it in my hands in less than a week! 

This past weekend, we went camping and each night we had a special treat – shake-a-pudding night, S’mores night, ice cream night and, saving the best for last, chewing gum-making night.  The directions scared me at first, it seemed like there were lots of ways for me to mess up this experience, but it was very simple to make – even in the close confines of our 24-year-old RV.  We started by reading the story of Eduardo and his tapping of the trees in the rainforest and ended with some great chewing gum that the girls were really proud to have made!  They even saved some of it to bring home and share with family!  Not only was it fun- but it gave them a ‘hidden’ lesson in science, math, social studies and ‘being green’.  I’m attaching pictures to show you just how much they enjoyed their experience.


Lori's grand-daughters, aged 6 and 3, kneading gum with their dad
Lori's grand-daughters, aged 6 and 3, kneading gum with their dad
Zowie and Rylie, looking Glee-ful!
Zowie and Rylie, looking Glee-ful!


We just wanted to thank Glee for giving us the ingredients to make the gum and for helping us to environmentally enlighten our granddaughters.  Also, thanks to Suzanne at Dear Reader for introducing us to you!  We’re looking forward to making gummy bears on our next adventure!

– Lori M.

Gum chums, please feel free to take Lori’s lead. Send me something delightful to read! In the meantime, I’ll sign off. (To go check my  inbox, *cough cough*!)

Woo Hoo! Gleeful Giveaways Times Two

In search of free Glee? Hey, who wouldn’t be?

Well, look no further, gum chums of mine! I know of TWO Glee giveaways. How divine!

For info on the first, stop by the fabulous Rita A.’s blog, “One 2 Try.” But hurry, hurry! I’ll tell you why. The deadline is Aug 22nd at 9:00 PM PT, no lie!

For info on the second, visit the lovely Lena’s blog, “Over Coffee- the Green Edition.” More chances to chew free Glee– just what you were wishin’! But again I must say, don’t delay. The Aug 23rd deadline only buys you one more day!


Does my rhyming seem a touch askew? If true, this fact may be due to the fact that it’s awful warm here, with cool breezes few. What’s a giant-headed gum mascot to do? Wait, I know. I’ll find a bit of refreshing Spearmint Glee to chew. Cheerio, toodle-oo!

Green Royals Rule!

Hear ye, hear ye, gum chums.

It’s good to be king, as we all know. But it’s even better to be a green one! 

Check out this swell article by Vanessa Kerr on “10 Green Royals.”

It may just renew your faith in the ruling class!

For example, didja know that Queen Elizabeth II of England planted a chemical-free vegetable garden on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and installed a mini hydroelectric power plant for Windsor Castle? Say wha-? ‘Tis true!

And didja hear how the U.N. Environment Program named Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan the 2007 Champion of the Earth (!!) for his efforts on behalf of renewable energy and conservation?

You can read all about them, and the work of other titled environmental advocates, right here. And thanks to Vanessa Kerr for reminding me that it’s not all cream puffs and silver spoons at the top. There’s room for green do-gooding too!

All the News That's Fit to Re-Print

Greetings, candy comrades!

I know I’ve been remiss in writing. But in my defense, it’s REALLY HARD to type while jumping for joy!

Apparently, nobody else on the Internet shares this problem. They’re all busily typing up a storm!

Here is a small selection of recent clips, posts and news articles on my favorite subject… GLEE! 

“Sweet Old World,” Katharine Weber’s July 14 article in Tablet Magazine, explores the origins of American candy- including Glee, yippee! 

Stuck on an idea for a new Glee Gum slogan, like me? Check out Over Coffee – the Green Edition. Blogger Lena’s son came up with a good one!

Meanwhile, our friend Jennifer Mathews’ book, Chicle, keeps getting great press. On, you can read an interview with the author and a book excerpt !

Expectant moms with morning sickness may find this post at Naptime Writing familiar, helpful – or at least good for a giggle. Who knew gum could help the tum?

Speaking of moms, check out what Green & Clean Mom keeps in her eco-chic handbag. It’s the same sweet stuff recommended by the fine folks at Blog O’ USA , Living Healthy in the Real World, and Wellsphere‘s Celiac Disease Community.  

Not to be out-done, the Candy Kits get a shout-out too. Thanks to Beth Kimmerle’s Candymonium for this fun post following New York’s Fancy Food Show. 

Have a great weekend, gum chums, and happy reading!

Tweet, Tweet, Life Is Sweet…

I have a confession, gum chews.

Sometimes I feel the need to crow.

You may be familiar with a pretty witty ditty on that very subject from the musical Peter Pan… “I Gotta Crow!” Er er er errrrrrr! No? Oh.

Other times, I feel the urge to twist and shout. Or sing out loud. Or maybe even toot my own horn. OFTEN. It’s great! 

But I can honestly say, as your humble chewing gum mascot, I have never, ever chirped or tweeted. That is, not until I got my very own TWITTER ACCOUNT!

It’s true, it’s true! Now I’m tweeting up a storm.

Granted I’m never entirely sure I’m doing it right. So come join me, and we can tweet together! You can find me at

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta TWEET! Tweet tweet tw- tweet…

Design a Glee Tee!

Hi gum chews!

Did you see the July – August Glee Gum Newsletter yet? If not, check it out right here! And if you like what you read, don’t forget to subscribe!

Either way, take the opportunity to test your creativity with our brand new contest: Design a Glee Tee! 

Everyone always asks if we have a Glee tee. We don’t, mainly because nobody here can figure out what the heck to put on it. My suggestion? ME!

Glee RED

But certain parties at Verve HQ don’t think that I should be ALL you see…

That’s where you come in! Please send us your idea for a great Glee Gum tee shirt, be it artsy, silly, inspired or just downright Glee-ful! The winning design will be featured in this very blog and in the next issue of the newsletter. The winning designer will get fame, glory and a fully loaded Glee Gum Dispenser! And if the design is really dazzling, it may even be printed on a new run of Glee tees. Yippee!

Don’t forget to read the fine print: To enter the “Design a Glee Tee” Contest, send your design along with your name, email address and zip code to Verve, inc. by August 15, 2009. You can email the design as an attachment (PDF or JPG) to, scan and fax it to 401-272-1204, or send it by snail mail to Verve, inc., 305 Dudley Street, Providence, RI 02907. To be eligible for consideration, designs must be original (though use of the Glee logo and mascot is strongly encouraged!) Two-color designs are preferable. There is no limit to the number of designs you can send. 

Have a wonderful weekend! I plan to spend it alternately jumping for joy and bouncing with Glee. Gonna burn a LOT of calories!

Ode to Glee: Poetry Contest Winners Delight Me!

Golly gee, I can’t believe how many folks wrote poems for me!

There were so many great submissions to the Glee May-June ’09 Poetry Contest that it was almost impossible to pick just three winners. From beginning to end, I loved all that everyone penned. I’m tickled pink to have such swell new friends!

That said, CONGRATULATIONS to Benita G., Isabel C. and Stefanie S. for penning the winning verses! Here they are, in all their rhyming glory. Enjoy your Glee Gum Dispensers, ladies! They are well-earned indeed!



By Benita G., Bronx, NY


I’m drawn to a gum named glee.

Pop it in your mouth and you’ll see

The gum is first rate,

The flavor is great

And it’s also dairy free.


“The Glee for Me”

By Isabel C., Southwest Ranches, FL


I detest fake sugar

It makes me feel sick

But finding gum without it

Was a monumental trick

I searched and wouldn’t stop

Until I found my Glee

Now I’m satisfied to chew

The sweetest gum for me!


“My Glee Gum Poem”

By Stefanie S., Las Vegas, NV


I love Glee Gum,

The taste is so yum.

Every flavor is sweet,

My favorite candy treat.


Right from the start,

Glee Gum had my heart.

The tastiest is Glee,

The only gum for me.


Cinnamon, Spearmint and Triple Berry.

Every bite makes me feel really merry.

All natural goodness and nothing bad.

It’s additive free and oh so rad.


The best is Glee,

The only one for me.

Vegetarian and great,

Makes my breath minty fresh for a date.


Nothing false or unreal,

This gum has real appeal.

Great taste in every chew,

Perfect for your friends, perfect for you.


The syrup is rice

Having no soy is nice.

Each bite has punch,

And freshens after lunch.


The tangerine has tang that never ends,

Great for your family and all your friends.

You’ll love how it lasts,

So much better than gums of the past.


The ingredients are true,

This gum is for you.

The perfect gum is Glee,

It is what gum was meant to be.



Win a Case of Wee Glee with Celebrate Green!

Does being green give you Glee? Yippee! Now here’s a chance to take that more literally…

Our friends at Celebrate Green are changing the world one celebration at a time. This week, they are also hosting a Wee Glee contest! Check out  their blog post, “Got a wee green tip? You could win Wee Glee gum!”, right here!


Small size, big taste!
Small size, big taste!

To enter the contest, all you need to do is offer one ‘lil tip for celebrating green any time of year in the comment section of their blog post no later than July 15, 2009. Three winners, chosen at random, will each enjoy a full case of eight boxes of Wee Glee! 

So whatcha waiting for? I do believe there’s a holiday weekend coming up. What better way to celebrate?

Happy Independence Day, gum chums. To life, liberty and the pursuit of GLEE!

Gluten-Free Giveaway from GLEE!

Hi gum chums!

Just wanted to share a Glee-ful giveaway from our friends at the publishing house Clan Thompson. 




The next *5 people* to purchase Clan Thompson’s “GLEE! An Easy Guide to Gluten-Free Independence” (by Elizabeth Atkinson) will each receive three 18-piece packs of gluten-free *GLEE* GUM as well as a coupon for more gum fun!


FOR MORE INFO on Elizabeth Atkinson’s book, “GLEE! An Easy Guide to Gluten Free Independence”, or to BUY A COPY, click here!  

 You can also ORDER by visiting Elizabeth’s website here and clicking on “”.

Either way, just be sure to order through Clan Thompson and write “Glee Gum Giveaway” when you order!

For more info on enjoying the gluten-free lifestyle, be sure to check out Elizabeth’s GLuten-frEE GLEE! Blog right here

I gotta say: LOVE the book title! And I’m plum crazy abut the cover photo. Wonder if I could strike a similar pose? Might be hard without a torso… Well, here I go!

little manCheerio!


Watch Out for the Rampage! Chicle Book Is All the Rage!

Can it be? Wowee! 

Just as I predicted in our Glee Gum May-June newsletter, a certain story of chewing gum is fast becoming the most buzzed-about book of the season!

And why not, I say? Chewing gum is nothing short of fascinating!

Journalist Steve Bennett of the San Antonio Express-News recently penned a great piece about  Jennifer P. Mathews’ new book, Chicle: The Chewing Gum of the Americas, From the Ancient Maya to William Wrigley. And the article has since been re-printed in lots of other publications, including Glee Gum’s hometown paper the Pro Jo! Click here to read his great interview with Jennifer and to find out which gum she chews.  (I’m not offering any hints. None. NOT A ONE.)  

Hooray for chicle!
Hooray for chicle!

To refresh your memory, Chicle is an in-depth study of the development of chewing gum. Interweaving history, biology, industry and adventure, it’s guaranteed to give you lots to chew on! Here at Verve, we liked Chicle so much that we added it to our online store. Click here to check it out!

While I’m on a roll, maybe I should try my hand at predicting other things. Horoscopes, perhaps? Chances I will consume Glee Gum today? The sky’s the limit!

Of course, I didn’t predict the following recent press mentions. So I suppose that I can pretty accurately predict that I’m no oracle!

Thanks are due to Tawnya at Stylish Living for including Glee in her wedding care packages for out-of-town guests. What a way to welcome folks!

And kudos to Amy’s Stocking Stuffers for suggesting Wee Glee as a creative, fun and inexpensive stocking stuffer. You’re the best!

Lastly, if you’re a fan of Facebook, be sure to become a fan of the Glee Gum page too!

Have a great weekend, gum chums! I predict you won’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Unless, of course, you want to. Your glee is very important to me!

Learning About LOHAS

Since we both love Glee, I assume you’re a bit like me. Which means that you must enjoy acronyms too! Don’t you?

I mean, what’s not to love? From the useful (like SOS) to the informative (like FYI) to the colorful (like OMG), acronyms are a fun way to say a lot with just a little! 

But there’s one acronym that has confused me for years: LOHAS. I confess that I have always heard it bandied about, but have never fully understood what it is! I’m only a mascot, after all.

Well, I just learned that LOHAS stands for “Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability.”

Who knew? Well, LOHAS Online, for one. That’s where I discovered that LOHAS is a “market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice.” 

So the term applies to Verve, inc. and Glee Gum! See, a company is categorized as LOHAS when it emphasizes both economic and eco-friendly business practices. And consumers are considered LOHASian when they both buy products like organic clothing (or GLEE GUM) and support services like eco-tourism and alternative healthcare. 

It’s about corporations and individuals alike embracing healthy and sustainable choices. And it all adds up to a nifty idea that LOHAS Online calls “responsible capitalism.” Sounds a heck of a lot better than the alternative, doesn’t it?

This week, Boulder, CO hosts the annual two-day conference of LOHAS business and industry leaders. It will be neat to see what innovative new ideas they come up with! No doubt we’ll see them on the market soon.

Now, if only someone can explain to me the meaning of the phrase TTYL…

What do they call this again? Oh yes. LOL!
What do they call this again? Oh yes. LOL!