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Green Resolutions for You!

The end of the year is finally here! The new year is drawing near.

Do you have great plans for 2010? No? Well, hey, grab a pen!

I’ve got a few lists of green resolutions for you. You can pick and choose what to do!

The Daily Green offers “15 Resolutions for the Environment that Actually Make a Difference.” Fifteen ways to be really, super green!

If that sounds like ten too many to commit to, check out “5 Green Resolutions to Make Now to Be Ready for 2010” on Discovery’s Planet Green.

Feeling a bit more energetic? Planet Green also provides “7 Resolution Reminders, Including: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle… Radical?”

But, if you’re really dragging, kindly suggests you pick three of their “9 Great Green Resolutions for 2010“. Just three! How easy could that be?

Naturally, I know you are a busy bee. So if you have time for only one green resolution next year, well… You can always chew GLEE!

Happy new year, gum chums! Thanks for your support throughout the year. Please know that I hold you very dear!


Glee on NBC, Woo Wee!

Season’s greetings, gum chums!

Hope your holidays are filled with family and friends, food and fun, health and happiness and, if you’re really lucky, gobs and gobs of GLEE! Of the latter, I can honestly say– mine will be!

Now, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have heard this news before. (And if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, well hey– what are ya waiting for? Spending time together on the Internet is almost like spending time together in the real world, but requires way less effort!)

If you have heard this news before, I’m sorry for repeating it and don’t mean to be a bore. It’s just such SWELL news that I can’t help repeating it some more! So here’s the score…

NBC featured Glee on LIVE TV!

Now can you see what’s causing such excitement (and redundancy) in me?

Last Friday, December 11th, NBC News channels nationwide aired a segment on “Green Gift Ideas for the Holidays.” Thanks to NBC News Correspondent Jinah Kim and Sierra Club‘s Owen Bailey for including Glee Gum and the Make Your Own Candy Kits in this special newscast! If you’re still shopping for the holidays and want to see some great green options, you can check out the clip right here.

Until next time, gum chews, I remain your humble gum mascot… and number one source for Glee-ful news!

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!
I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! First stop, NBC. Next up? The WORLD!

Green Gift Guides Galore

Green gifting is all the rage this season, and with good reason! Why not purchase gifts good for both people and the planet? Everybody wins!

Stumped on where to start? Look no further. The 2009 Holiday Green Guide from EcoScence and MeGoGreen is a totally FREE, interactive online coupon book with tons of great ideas and exclusive discounts for you. Available through Dec. 31, 2009, the Guide provides coupon codes on everything from organic tees to green spa services. It includes a particularly Glee-ful promotion for 15% off Glee Gum, Candy Kits and more. So what are you waiting for? Click here to explore!


Want more ways to spread holiday cheer? Check out the other gift guides collected here!

Discovery’s Planet Green offers a swell list of “69 Quirky, Unique and Semi-Homemade Gifts” to green your holiday giving. There just may be some Make Your Own Candy Kits mentioned in there! recommends Glee for a stocking stuffer in her 2009 Holiday Gift Guide, along with other nifty suggestions for folks of all ages.

For “Unique Kids’ Gifts“, check out The Frugal RI Mama Blog‘s got great ideas too, including a Make Your Own Gummies Kit review. And don’t miss this post of “Interesting Eco Gifts under $30 for Anyone on Your List“, courtesy of Creatively Green.

In closing, thanks to Organic Runway Blog for this lovely write-up on Glee!

Okay, time to chew some Cinnamon Glee and trim the office holiday tree! Wonder if there are any green gifts under it for me…

Congrats to the First Sweepstakes Winner!

Gum chews, what news, what news!

I am tickled pink to announce the 1st winner of the “Your Ticket to Glee” Sweepstakes!

Congratulations, a tip of the hat and a pat on the back to the very lucky Sadie S. of Kamas, Utah!

Goooooo Sadie! Also - cute baby!
Goooooo Sadie! Also - cute baby!

The lovely Sadie found a silver runner-up ticket inside her last pack of Glee Gum. And that meant she won a swell prize package of Glee Gum and “Glee” show merchandise! Check it out!

You Like?
You Like?

TEN more tickets remain hidden in packs of Glee Gum, all across the country. One of them will take the grand prize winner straight to Hollywood! Only a month remains in the “Your Ticket to Glee” Sweepstakes, so keep chewing and start looking today! For more info on the sweepstakes, click here. And keep watching “Glee” Wednesdays at 9/8 c on FOX!

Mail with a Message

Here at Glee Gum, we get a LOT of donation requests. Nearly every day, we hear from an organization that would like to include Glee Gum in their fair or fundraiser. Hey, who can blame them? (Of course, you know my sentiments on the subject of Glee. Something along the lines of… YIPPEE!!!)

While we can’t accommodate every request, we do our best to spread the Glee far as the eye can see. This month, at the request of a dental hygienist named Linda, we sent some Glee Gum samples to a conference on autism. In truth, we weren’t 100% sure how Glee would be helpful at such an event, but were delighted to hear that it could!

Linda sent this lovely note with an explanation shortly after.

My job as the oral health consultant for Autism is Medical, Inc. is to provide parents and children who are affected with one or more difficulties on the autism spectrum with an oral hygiene program that is safe and effective. All of the children suffer from gastrointestinal difficulties associated with autism and its related disorders, and must be on incredibly strict diets. In addition, it is often the case that many of the children must be on liquid-only diets in order to “rest” their inflamed GI systems. It is my concern that not having food to chew will cause their teeth and oral tissues to become coated with plaque and debris, resulting in decay.

That is where your gum comes into play. The mechanics of chewing gum will allow for the teeth/ jaws to be functional, and for the oral tissues to produce saliva normally. Glee gum is the only gum that is safe for them to chew, as it doesn’t contain any of the irritating/ allergy-producing ingredients found in all other products… Parents are already overwhelmed by this disease, [so] it is nice when we can help them by pointing them in healthy directions.

Thank you again for your attention and generosity.


Linda Cooling, R.D.H.

Thank YOU for sharing, Linda. This letter brings Glee, naturally!

Until next time, gum chums, here’s wishing you and yours a most Glee-ful Friday. Ciao for now!

Glee Gum Paints the Town (and TV, and Internet) Green!

Lately, have you been seeing green?

No doubt that’s because Glee Gum is all OVER the scene!

Let me help you understand what I mean. Glee Gum has been making the rounds from blogs to TV and everywhere in between!

peppermint managerie 72

First off, did anyone see Glee Gum on TV? In the last few weeks, Glee Gum has turned up on ABC’s “Good Morning America“, ABC7, and “The Martha Stewart Show“! Stardom, here we come! And unlike starlets, we do not mind if the camera makes Glee Gum look like it gained ten pounds. Just means more Glee for me!

All joking aside (for now), thanks to Melinda at Fit and Fabulous for hosting a Glee Gum Giveaway! Be sure to check it out today.


Kudos to the folks at Go Dairy Free for being so enthusiastic about Glee! See which other Halloween treats made their top ten list here.


Three cheers for Planet Forward blog The Sustainable Scribe for posting “Glee Gum for Greener Lifestyles.” The bee’s knees, I tell you, the absolute bee’s knees!

Besides which…

Glee Gum snagged a spot in the Slashfood article “‘X’ Marks the Spot – Rhode Island”, alongside such local delicacies as coffee syrup, cabinets, and johnnycakes! Sweet! 

Not to mention…

Thanks to for a bang-up Glee Gum review. You guys are the cats pajamas!


Gotta love the SPEWD Free Mom‘s suggestion for soy, peanut, eggs, wheat and dairy free gum. Yum!


It’s super to see the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit included in SIERRA Magazine‘s holiday guide, “Gifts That Keep Giving.”


Thanks to Doanut Diaries for letting us know that Glee Gum made it all the way down under, to Australia! 


Thank you to all the wonderful websites and blogs like GirlawhirlOver Coffee- the Green EditionEcoscene, CandyAddict, MommyFuel, Go Green Articles Blog, I Liked It But I Didn’t Love It Blog, and the Green Living Newsletter for writing about the “Your Ticket to Glee” Sweepstakes! Don’t forget, gum chums, you have six more weeks to keep your eyes peeled for a winning ticket. You could be on your way to Hollywood soon!

And then we’ll be writing about YOU painting the town green…

Green Halloween: It's a Scream!

Happy almost-Halloween, gum chums! 

The best holiday for ghosts and ghouls is finally here. How do you plan to celebrate this year? I can’t decide whether to be the Monopoly Guy or Mr. Potato Head. Tough call, I know! But I am sure about one thing. This Halloween’s color scheme is green! 

rectangle-jpg_RNaturally, I’ll be giving Glee Gum to trick-or-treaters. Surprise!

But for more tips, tricks, and ideas, I’m turning to Green Halloween®. This non-profit, grassroots organization works to create healthier, eco-friendlier holidays– starting with Halloween. To read all about it and find fun, local events near you, visit You can even share DIY costume ideas, recipes, and more! So golly gee, what are you waiting for?

Have a safe and spook-tacular Halloween, my friends!

Our Fearless Leader Featured in an eBook!

Hey gum chums! 

You’ve no doubt heard me extol the virtues of Deborah Schimberg, company president of Verve, inc. and mastermind behind my beloved Glee Gum. But here’s your chance to hear about this daring damsel in her own words! 

VerveDeborah is among 40 inspiring women who contributed to the 2nd edition of a new eBook called “The Personality Project: Women of Personality.” It’s a collection of true stories from 40 visionaries, entrepreneurs and businesswomen like Deborah. Read their tales, take their tips and learn how personality played a role in their success!

Here is the link to read and download this unique compilation. It may even inspire you to start your own business! So hats off to Deborah and to all the contributors. Keep up the good work, ladies!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some gum to chew. As, I trust, do you! Ciao for now!





Green Spotlight On… Greenschools!

Hiya, gum chums!

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Robin Organ, Executive Director and Founder of greenschools!


Robin’s non-profit organization aims to create greener and healthier learning environments through education and awareness. With educational programs and resources for students, teachers, administrators and community members, greenschools highlights the connection between healthy bodies and a healthy planet. How great is that?

gs logo dkgreenRobin was a teacher for more than a decade and, through painful experiences of her own, came to the conclusion that environmental education was much needed. She and her two young children suffered from allergies and illnesses which she believed were related to the environment. She began working with parents and the teachers in her daughter’s school to address the subjects of air quality, reducing children’s exposures to environmental toxins, healthy snacking, green fundraising, student activism, and more.  

Soon, more and more schools were requesting the programming! Today, greenschools has worked with close to 100 schools and fields requests from all over the country. Robin reports, “We have literally saved thousands of pounds of trash, reduced energy bills, CHANGED SCHOOL POLICIES, opened children’s eyes to what they can do to create a healthier planet, connected students to numerous service projects, and on a personal note, we got the health of our girls back without all of the medications and surgeries that were once needed. This work is extremely gratifying and it fills my soul!”

brownies.web.trimThis fall, the organization is launching a Membership Program, taking their Student Ambassador Program national, and busily booking presentations, conferences, and events. To learn more about the wonderful work they do, check out their website, find them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or email them at!

Hooray for the Climate Action Giveaway!

Looking for free Glee? Hey, who wouldn’t be?

Well, look no further, gum chums of mine. You could win 80 packs of Glee Gum PLUS 3 Candy Kits in the WE ADD UP Climate Action Giveaway! Not to mention, over $30,000 in other fabulous green prizes. Check it out!

climateactiongiveawayHere’s the scoop, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Want America to be a Climate Leader? Need a little added inspiration to get involved? Make history with us and be entered to win in the World’s Biggest Green Sweepstakes! When you sign up to win from hundreds of green prizes from your favorite companies, you will also receive a weekly email with a simple and easy call to action.  350.0rg, 1Sky, and our other non-profit partners will tell you what to do.   Collectively, we’re going to add up to big change.  And, it’s just about time, too.  World leaders are meeting in Copenhagen in December to hopefully come to an international agreement on the world-wide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  If America is going to truly be a leader, our leaders need to hear from us now.  So, let’s realize our power and show that we add up.  There will be over 230 winners in the Climate Action Giveaway and each prize will help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle.  Enter to Win today!”

Click here to read more about this giveaway, watch a YouTube video on the subject, and see all the great green stuff that could be YOURS! ALL YOURS!

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!

Your Ticket to Glee! Win a Trip for Two, Yippee!

Gum chums, apologies for the delay in sending this amazing news your way! Now, I will waste no more time in telling you of a sweepstakes most sublime! 

No doubt you’ve heard about “Glee“, the hottest new show on TV. Because the show is oh so neat (with a name that can’t be beat), Glee Gum is thrilled to join FOX in offering a chance to win a prize in every box!

There are 11 winning tickets in all, so look inside EACH box you buy this fall! You could win swell prize packs of Glee Gum and “Glee” show gear, or the GRAND PRIZE- a trip for two to Hollywood! What cheer!

Here are some of the details, and you can read more here on our site. Now who’s ready to win? Count me in, all right!



When: September 23, 2009 to December 23, 2009

Where: Inside 11 select Glee Gum boxes,distributed across the U.S.

What: Grand prize of a trip for two to Hollywood! Includes roundtrip air transportation, two nights hotel accommodation, and a $250 American Express gift card.

Your Ticket to Glee Runner-Up Prize PackWhat Else: 10 fabulous runner-up prize packages of Glee Gum and “Glee” show merchandise. Prizes include a “Glee” cap, bag, tee shirt, and autographed cast photo, as well as assorted flavors of Glee Gum, Wee Glee, a Mini Glee Variety, and a Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit.

For More Info and Complete, Official Sweepstakes Rules, Click Here.

Glee_hand_FOXGLEE™ & © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


New Product for Teachers! Plus Another Gleeful Giveaway

Greetings, gum chews. What news, what news!

School is back in session, and we’ve got a brand new product for teachers. Looking to spice up Science class? How about Spanish or History? Try the (drumroll, please…) Educator’s Guide to Gum


The super spiffy Educator’s Guide to Gum includes the Make Your Own Gum Kit, a documentary film about the harvest of chicle, sample lesson plans, supplemental essays, a history of chewing gum, and more. To read all about it- and order your very own package- click here!

Next, a fantastic wedding favor idea: Glee! Three lucky brides-to-be can each win 80 Mini Glee Gum packs at the “Fun Favor- Glee Gum Giveaway” on Whatta great, green way to impress guests!

I’ve got more news to share next week, but in the meantime– here’s a sneak peek. A new contest could send you to La La Land! Yup, that’s what I’ve got planned. A trip to Hollywood just by chewing Glee? It could happen — trust me! Plus, product reviews galore, and lots, lots more. Tune in next week to see what’s in store!

Ciao for now, gum chums!