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Short and Sweet: Xylitol and Diabetes

Sugar-Free Gum, Xylitol from Birch trees(Glee Gum uses Xylitol harvested from American Birch and Beech trees)

In a time where sugar is found in almost everything we eat, being diabetic can be more than just inconvenient – it can be it can be downright torturous. That’s why we at Glee take great effort to offer natural Xylitol sweetened Sugar-Free choices of gum and candy to our customers, so that folks with a wide variety of dietary needs don’t have to go without a nice treat every now and again.

So why is Xylitol safe for use by diabetics? It goes back to something called the Glycemic index[1] (GI) – a scale that measures how foods with carbohydrates affect your blood sugar levels – how fast they rise and how fast they fall again. The higher the GI number, the faster the rate of metabolization, and the faster your blood sugar level will climb, and crash, after consuming. Since folks with diabetes are working hard to stabilize their blood sugar levels, it is often recommended that a person with diabetes follow a low GI diet.

There are 3 classifications for the Glycemic Index:

-55 or under is low

-56-69 is moderate

-70+ is high

For people with diabetes, or people who are pre-diabetic, it is recommended to follow a nutritious diet with a low to moderate glycemic index[2] to help prevent spikes and crashes. Chewing gum or eating sweets with a lower GI can help with this!

Here is a little example:

Glycemic index for table sugar:                   60-70

Glycemic index for Xylitol:                            approx.. 7


So, the next time you are looking for a low GI or low sugar treat, look no farther than Glee’s delicious Sugar-Free natural chewing gum in 5 flavors: SF Peppermint, SF Watermelon, SF Bubblegum, SF Wintergreen, and Sugar-Free Lemon Lime. And be sure to try our newest Xylitol treat: Sugar-Free Glee Tarts, with 4 yummy and low GI impact flavors: Cherry, Passion Fruit, Meyer Lemon, and Pineapple. Change to Sugar-Free Glee and Go Worry-Free!



Canadian Students Choosing to Chew More Fairly

A special guest post by Mélissa Dubé, Outreach and Marketing Manager, Fairtrade Canada.

Meanwhile, in Canada… more than 50 campuses across the country are getting ready for the 5th annual edition of Fair Trade Campus Week! Campuses in all 10 Canadian provinces are gleefully working to prepare all sorts of dynamic activities to raise awareness about Fairtrade.

What is exactly Fair Trade Campus Week, you may wonder?

Fair Trade Campus Week is a fun-filled week bursting with activities where Campus life and businesses intersect to create tremendous educational and promotional opportunities for all. Each participating campus comes up with different activities to talk about Fairtrade. To give you an idea, last year 20 companies and 43 campuses participated with more than 23,000 people receiving Fairtrade product samples and many more who were engaged through different initiatives, including social media.

To support Campuses, 23 companies (including our friends Glee Gum!) have generously agreed to donate Fairtrade certified products. Imagine that: students across the country will learn about Fairtrade while happily chewing Glee Gum samples! Biggest Fairtrade bubble gum of all time next, perhaps?

Why do we do Fair Trade Campus Week?

Julie Francoeur, Fairtrade Canada’s Executive Director explains it best: “Campuses are first and foremost a place of learning. They have also always been the place where great ideas collide, revolutions take place and solutions to many of societies challenges are born. As the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Guiding Principles for Businesses on Human Rights start to shape the way companies do business in the Global South, Fairtrade offers a vibrant concrete tool to empower development through trade. Campuses across Canada have been a force of nature for Fairtrade in the previous years and we are seeing companies and retailers across the country engaging with Fairtrade as a result of the deep commitment they sense from younger generations. Fair Trade Campus Week is a great opportunity for students to celebrate the impact they are having for farmers and workers across the world. That Fairtrade cup of coffee won’t only help you stay awake through that early morning lecture or to finish that paper, it also helps an entire coffee community!”

Find out more about the impact of our work by visiting our website and our sister organization Fairtrade America for more details.

What’s new this year?

Every year, new Campuses and businesses jump on board and this generates new ideas and potential new partnerships (as an example, Concordia University became Canada’s first Campus to carry 100% Fairtrade bananas). We’re excited to witness innovative ways that Campuses will take to talk about Fairtrade. In the meantime, there are a couple of new planned initiatives that folks can take part in:

– On Tuesday, September 26 at 4pm ET, we invite everyone to take part in our first ever Twitter Chat to talk about Fair Trade Campus Week. Participants could win a bag of Fairtrade products! Make sure to use #ChatFairtrade and to follow us @fairtradecanada.

– By now, you probably understood that Canadian campuses are always ready to go above and beyond, and this year they’re doing exactly that again! Campuses across the country are leading the World’s Largest Fair Trade Bake Sale on September 28, a day that folks will want to make their way to a Campus to indulge in sweets made with Fairtrade Ingredients. For more details:

Get active!

Bookmark our Tumblr page to stay in the loop and make sure to use the hashtags #FTCampus and #CampusÉquitable! Specific to the World’s Largest Fair Trade Bake Sale, be sure to use #fairtradebakesale and #ventepatisseriesequitables.

Happy Fair Trade Campus Week to all!

Try Your Luck to Win Free Cases

Here’s a chance for THREE lucky ducks to win free cases (12 boxes) of each of our two new flavors: Sugar-Free Wintergreen and Sugar-Free Bubblegum!

Our pal Monica Nelson is a health and fitness expert and Los Angeles-based personal trainer who just happens to love Glee Gum. (Did we mention that she has terrific taste?)

Monica is hosting a Gleeful giveaway on her Facebook page, Monica Nelson Health and Fitness, now through Thursday, 9/21/17 (3 pm ET). Entry is about as quick and easy as it gets. Check out the details here. Good luck!

Featured Fan: Yo, Ham O.!

Meet Ham O.

No word on where he got his nickname. And, his father reports that the glasses he is wearing are not, in fact, his glasses.

Here’s what we do know about this mysterious fan. He prefers his farming to involve pigs, chickens, and mules. He prefers his machines Rube Goldberg-style. And he prefers his chewing gum tangerine-flavored.

When he’s not busy playing, Ham gets his Glee fix at the local Whole Foods. Why? “Because I just love it.”

Fair enough. Hats off to you, Ham O.!

DIY Candy Jewelry – with Gum

Remember those sweet candy necklaces and bracelets you enjoyed as a kid?

Well, we’ve brought them back, better than ever. Our quick and easy DIY version uses all-natural chewing gum for the “beads.” With Glee Gum, you can feel good knowing that your candy jewelry has been made without plastics or chemicals. That’s more than can be said for most jewelry out there, candy or otherwise!

Surprisingly, we wore these necklaces all day and experienced no melting, color transfer, or similar issues. We were pleasantly surprised with their resilience! Of course, we recommend that you use your best judgement depending on what else you’re wearing.

To begin, assemble your ingredients.

Pick out the gum colors and flavors of your choice. Here, we used our Bulk – or should we say, party-sized – tubes of Classic Glee Gum, but naturally you can use gum from boxes or pouches, too.

Tools you’ll need:
– embroidery floss
– a needle with an eye big enough to thread embroidery floss*
– scissors
– a thick pad of paper, notebook, or cardboard

*We used a quilting needle (similar to this one) that we happened to have on hand. You can use a shorter needle as well, but may a longer one makes the process easier.

Consider how big you’d like your bracelet or necklace to be. Cut the thread so that the strand is at least a few inches longer than that, to give you some wiggle room. Then thread the needle and tie a knot at one end, leaving extra thread after the knot. Place a piece of gum down on the pad or notebook, and pierce the candy coating from one side. Flip the needle over, so that the eye of the needle is against the pad. Push the piece of gum down the length of the needle. If the candy coating cracks a little, don’t worry; that happens. It may take a few tries to get it right!

Once you’ve filled your necklace or bracelet with as many gum “beads” as you’d like, make a final knot and tie both ends together with the loose threads. Snip off any excess thread as needed. Le voilà!

Variations: you can mix up the colors and style all different ways, and color coordinate your design with any outfit. For a mod look, try threading just a few pieces and keeping the length long. This makes for a cute, chunky necklace. Bracelet and anklet versions work great, too!

Another way to change it up: double thread the needle. Thread a couple pieces of gum, and then tie a knot afterwards.

Leave about an inch or so of space, tie another knot, and thread a couple more pieces of gum.

Have fun and shine on! And, be sure to tag us in any pics you post so that we can admire your beautiful creations. We can’t wait to see you sparkle!

Twitter Party Tuesday!

Love Tweeting?

Or, don’t feel one way or the other about Tweeting, but happen to have a Twitter account?

Great! Login Tuesday, 8/15/17 at 1 pm ET for a TWITTER PARTY with our friends from Naturally Savvy. It will be a swingin’ shindig filled with fun discussions, great prizes, and lots to chew on. And don’t forget, Twitter parties mean you can attend in your pajamas if you want to.

So, be there or be square! Follow hosts @NaturallySavvy, @AndreaDonsky, and yours truly, and get more details here.

Sweet Stacks for Snack Attacks

This month, we’ve got another surprise for you!

We are delighted to debut three new varieties of Sweet Stacks – handy, dandy towers of 16-piece Glee Gum boxes.

Pick from the All-Flavor Sweet Stack (11 boxes, 1 of each flavor we offer), the Classic Sweet Stack (6 boxes, 1 of each sugared flavor we offer), or the Sugar-Free Sweet Stack (5 boxes, 1 of each sugarless flavor we offer). They make great gifts, too!

And don’t forget, all web-store orders still include free mini samples of our new flavors (as supplies last). Hope your summer is going swimmingly!

New Flavors, Free Samples

Drum roll, please! Allow us to introduce TWO new flavors of Glee Gum:

Sugar-Free Bubblegum and Sugar-Free Wintergreen.

We heard your requests for a sugarless version of our classic bubblegum flavor and for another sugarless mint option. So, we worked hard to create the right recipes for each. We think the results are delicious – but we sure hope you’ll try ’em and agree!

Like the rest of the Sugar-Free Glee Gum line, both new flavors are available in boxes, bulk tubes, pouches, and minis. Plus, all web-store orders will receive free mini samples of the new flavors, all summer long (as supplies last).

Happy chewing!

Featured Fan: Georgia on our Mind

A Georgia mom recently wrote us a lovely letter about her daughter. Kaylee loves chewing gum. But, for medical reasons, she’s on a special diet: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and dye-free. And finding dye-free gum can be tricky, as most gum contains artificial colors. Not all, though…

“You guys made it possible!” Kaylee’s mom reports. “We love Glee Gum and it meets my daughter’s dietary requirements, goodness with none of the bad stuff. We are so grateful to companies that go the extra mile in producing healthier options of gum and candy for our children.”

We’re so grateful for chums like Kaylee and her mom. Thanks!

Less Packaging, More Savings

It’s not easy being green, especially when it comes to gum.

Most gum is chock-full of artificial ingredients and packed in un-recyclable blister packs. But we prefer natural gum, made with natural tree sap and packed in recyclable materials.

That’s why we’re especially pleased to offer Bulk Glee tubes. Each tube holds a pound or so of loose Glee Gum in any flavor, as well as assorted flavor medleys. It’s our biggest size, at the best value, with the least packaging.

Three cheers for Bulk Glee!

The Sticky Subject of Gum Base

When you chew gum, what are you really chewing? The answer varies widely, depending on the gum. But writer Beth Terry has long been concerned with one potential ingredient in particular: plastic. And believe it or not, that ingredient happens to be in a lot of gum.

Synthetic materials often can be found in gum base, the indigestible part of gum that provides chewy texture. But the white, gooey stuff pictured below also provides chewy texture. It’s called chicle, and it’s the sustainably harvested tree sap that we use to make Glee Gum.

On her site My Plastic-Free Life, Beth Terry interviews our company president about how Glee came to be a plastic-free, natural alternative to conventional gum. Read on, and be sure to check out our page about gum base, too.



Featured Fan: A Chum Who Choo Choo Chews Wisely

“I always travel with Glee. It saves me from inner ear problems while taking off or landing in airplanes, satisfies me when the munchies hit, and – without high fructose corn syrup – does not irritate my sensitive gut.”

So says social worker Kathleen S. of Evans, GA. She also tells us that her “travel buddy” Peppermint Glee has accompanied her all over the world by train, plane, and ferry. She reports, “My chewing increases as my energy does, or perhaps it’s vice versa!”

Either way, we say, FULL STEAM AHEAD. And thanks for chewing (and sharing), Kathleen!