About Us

Gleeful greetings to you! We’re so happy for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our company, Mazee LLC.

Glee Gum

Glee Gum was a vision from educator Deborah Schimberg and her family after traveling to Northern Guatemala. There they found a chicle-producing community and learned about chicle, the sap of the sapodilla trees that grow in the rainforests of Central America. Up until then, they had never really thought about how chewing gum was made— or what gave it chewy texture.

Crafting in the Kitchen

Upon their return home, Deborah and her children experimented with this sticky tree sap in their kitchen and found a way to create homemade chewing gum. With hopes of building a natural gum for everyone to enjoy  Deborah founded Glee Gum and began commercially selling the brand nationally.

Since those days in 1992 and the amazing journey of the brand “Glee”, we are continuing to evolve with greater emphasis of bringing a healthier alternative gum to the world.   Glee has new owners called Mazee LLC who are passionately excited to continue the vision once started by Deborah.  Mazee’s values fit the same enthusiastic Glee Gum values  – healthy, natural, trusted ingredients, ecofriendly materials, sustainable production practices and amazing taste naturally.

Mazee (Μαζί) means “together” in Greek.

The core value is that, in business noone can do it alone.

We can do it together, mazee.

With our suppliers, mazee.

With our customers, mazee.

With our partners, mazee.

Most importantly with our employees, mazee!

The Vision for Mazee LLC is to build a brand portfolio of natural, healthy alternative food and beverage products that consumers will love, starting with Glee Gum!

Thanks for Reading… and for Chewing!