A Wee Mystery!

We’ve got a mystery here, gum chums! Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego when you need her?

A friend sent us this swell picture of a lovely painting by Diego Rivera. This chap spotted it while visiting a museum in Mexico City. It shows a chiclero, the same kind of skilled laborer responsible for harvesting the chicle that we use in Glee Gum today.

Mysterious Diego Rivera Painting of a Chiclero
Mysterious Diego Rivera Painting of a Chiclero

What’s the name of this painting? Does anyone know? Help us solve the mystery if so. Our curiosity is well piqued!

In the meantime, happy Friday and hope you’ve all been enjoying a most Glee-ful summer!

UPDATE: A swell customer named Simon told us that the painting can be seen at the Palacio Nacional de Mexico. It seems to hang in a corridor, and its name may be, simply, “Rubber.”

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