A Tale of Fan Mail

Dear Glee Gum…

Letters that begin this way nearly always have something sweet to say. This latest included photos too. So dear were they, I thought I’d share them with you!

Lori M. of Pennsylvania heard about our Make Your Own Candy Kits in an email from Suzanne B., the columnist of DearReader.com. Suzanne tried the Candy Kits with a visiting grand-daughter, and here’s what she reported:

DearReader Vacation Pic

So Lori felt inspired to give them a try too! She writes:

… As we were going camping with our grand-daughters in less than two weeks, I rushed home from work and checked out your website.  You see, both of the girls LOVE gum – all kinds – bubble, chewing, sticks, powders, squares, sweet, sour, minty, fruity… you name it, they’ll chew it.  I bought your  ‘Make Your Own Chewing Gum’ kit and waited with crossed fingers that it would arrive in time.  Amazingly, I had it in my hands in less than a week! 

This past weekend, we went camping and each night we had a special treat – shake-a-pudding night, S’mores night, ice cream night and, saving the best for last, chewing gum-making night.  The directions scared me at first, it seemed like there were lots of ways for me to mess up this experience, but it was very simple to make – even in the close confines of our 24-year-old RV.  We started by reading the story of Eduardo and his tapping of the trees in the rainforest and ended with some great chewing gum that the girls were really proud to have made!  They even saved some of it to bring home and share with family!  Not only was it fun- but it gave them a ‘hidden’ lesson in science, math, social studies and ‘being green’.  I’m attaching pictures to show you just how much they enjoyed their experience.


Lori's grand-daughters, aged 6 and 3, kneading gum with their dad
Lori's grand-daughters, aged 6 and 3, kneading gum with their dad
Zowie and Rylie, looking Glee-ful!
Zowie and Rylie, looking Glee-ful!


We just wanted to thank Glee for giving us the ingredients to make the gum and for helping us to environmentally enlighten our granddaughters.  Also, thanks to Suzanne at Dear Reader for introducing us to you!  We’re looking forward to making gummy bears on our next adventure!

– Lori M.

Gum chums, please feel free to take Lori’s lead. Send me something delightful to read! In the meantime, I’ll sign off. (To go check my  inbox, *cough cough*!)

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