A Hit for Halloween: Mini Glee Variety is Sheer Poetry!

As I have mentioned, Halloween is upon us. And it seems like everyone is getting into the spooky spirit of the thing!

For a neat article on the subject, check out “Sustaina-Boo!” at www.grist.org. This environmental news & commentary site suggests giving Glee Gum to trick-or-treaters. Whatta GOOD IDEA!

Then stop by www.gorgeouslygreen.com for eco-author Sophie Uliano´s tips on making Halloween more “eeeko” friendly. She thinks Glee Gum is perfect for the occasion too! Read on for other cool ideas from costumes to candles right here.

While you´re stocking up on sweet ideas for the season, consider our new Mini Glee Variety Pack! The 4-piece packs of Glee inside are just the right size for sharing with your kindly neighborhood goblins and ghouls. 

The Mini Glee Variety Pack is available online and at lots of stores around the country. In celebration of this fact, I have composed a little poem. Please try to contain your excitement!

O, Mini Glee Variety Pack
Filled with the gum I love to smack

Triple Berry, Tangerine, and Bubblegum too
In French I must say: 
Je t´aime beaucoup!

You´re the perfect medly for purse or pinata
And what can beat that? Really… 

In any language, you make the best possible snack
So thank you, dear sweet Variety Pack!


I know, I know. Don´t quit my day job!

Until next time, gum chums, I remain your humble, happy Glee Guy.


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