A Few Reviews, Some Ship-shape Shout-outs, and More!

A recent stroll through Internet-Land produced all sorts of mentions of my favorite thing – GLEE GUM!

It´s true! I couldn´t believe it either. But there Glee was, bouncing along on blog after blog!

Here is a sampling, in case you´d like to read about how other folks feel about Glee! (Besides, of course, Glee-ful…) 

Here at Soapbox Mom, you can read a fun anecdote of a mom caught chewing her cud — by her own kids. Guess what kind of cud it was! 

Then stop by the Green is Sexy website for a sweet sentiment about Glee Gum. Oh la la!

Next let the Green & Clean Mom tell you how great green can be – especially green gum like Glee! (P.S. In spite of all the lovely things she says about the gum, I still don´t recommend you swallow it!)

For a review of new Glee Bubblegum Flavor Gum, take a gander at the Candy Blog. This blogger picked up a pack at the All Candy Expo in Chicago. Nice to know Glee stood out among miles of sweets, treats, and goodies galore!

Next, slide down the rabbit hole to see how Elle in Wonderland likes Glee. Hint: she really likes it!

Then take it from the professionals at Candy Addict. They call it “a fresh-tasting natural gum without a bunch of artificial gunk.” Good thing too, ´cause gunk is bunk. Glee Gum has none of that funk!

Please email me at gleeguy@gleegum.com if you find more write-ups of Glee! And here´s hoping all my loyal gum chums are having a swell summer!

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