A Call to Compete (Hey, the Prizes are Neat!)

Hiya, gum chums!

Just in case you missed this tantalizing tidbit in the Glee Gum May-June ’09 Newsletter… 

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Glee Gum is hosting an elegant, eloquent POETRY CONTEST!

Yes, that’s right! Oh, the sheer delight!

You may have noticed that I kind of like to rhyme.  Perhaps you even enjoyed my recent compositions, entitled “A Salute to Spearmint” and “A Ballad for Bubblegum.” No? Oh. 

Well, here’s YOUR chance to show off your way with words, your silver-penned stanzas and your brilliant balladry!

Just send us a poem, in any form – whether haiku, sonnet, or limerick it be. But be sure to include the word “glee” – and at least one rhyme for it, like “yippee”!

The top three Glee-ful poets will each win a brand new, fully loaded Glee Gum Dispenser. Talk about poetry in motion!

Here’s the fine print:

To enter the Glee Poetry Contest, send your poem in the body of an email along with your name and zip code to gleeguy@gleegum.com by June 30, 2009. To be eligible for consideration, poems must include the word “glee” and at least one rhyme for it. Poems must not contain profanity. There is no limit to the number of poems you can send, and they can be on any subject. We plan to post as many submissions as possible to GleeGum.com, so keep your eyes peeled for ’em!

Thanks to the Green Mom Review for helping to spread the word!

And while I’m on the subject of contests…

Congratulations to the winners of the GLEE GUM SWEEPSTAKES at Trader Joe’s Fan.com

Enthusiasts of Trader Joe’s, the “neighborhood grocery store,” recently vied for the chance to win a gift card to their local branch at Trader Joe’s Fan.com.

Ten lucky runner-ups each won a carton of Glee Gum, in the flavor of their choice:

Congratulations, John D., Nikki M., Ly T., Niki R., Barbara L., Kat S., Doug G., Anthony F., Becky C., and Linda A.!

One big winner took home the grand prize: a $100 gift certificate to Trader Joe’s!

Congratulations, Aditi R.!

In closing, apropos of nothing, I leave you with a picture sent to us this week by a wee Glee-ful fan. Or rather, a wee Glee-ful fan’s parents!


She may be too little to chew the gum, but she certainly enjoys the box!
She may be too little to chew the gum, but she certainly enjoys the box!

Isn’t she precious? Have a wonderful weekend, sweet ones!




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