Finding Glee on the Go

Suitcase GuyHey, gum chums!

I know you guys and gals are often on the go. Do you ever forget to bring your gum in tow? When away from your usual store, finding Glee ought not be a chore. If you need gum double-quick, here are some tips that should do the trick!

1. Where to find it? Check our store locator. Enter the zip code for wherever you are and see what pops up! Some chains where you usually can find Glee are Whole Foods, Cost Plus World Market, Giant, and Weis. If you’re in Canada, be sure to try the Canadian store locator and chains like Choices and Thrifty Foods.

2. In the store, but don’t see it up by the registers? Glee Gum is different from other gums, so it’s not always located where the other gums are. Sometimes, it’s in the natural, gluten-free, or candy aisle. A store manager or clerk should be able to direct you!

3. Flying somewhere and need a good chew for take-offs and landings? Glee Gum is available at more and more airports these days! At LAX, try Caterina’s (Terminal 6); at JFK, check Balducci’s Express (Terminals 2, 3, and 7); and stop by the Grain Station if you’re at Boston’s Logan (Terminal C) or Newark Liberty Airport (Terminals A and B).

See Glee? Show me! Spot the gum somewhere you didn’t expect it to be? Please snap a pic and send it to me! Some see la vie en rose, but I prefer a world of Glee. *sigh* Can you blame me?

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