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Glee Gum is a delicious natural chewing gum

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Aspartame-free. Non-GMO Project Verified.

Made with chicle, a tree sap harvested sustainably to help conserve the rainforest.

It’s the best-selling alternative to conventional, synthetic gum in the country!

So, change what you chew! Glee Gum is the natural choice for YOU.

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Love the taste, all natural, and i like to chew now…I quit smoking about ten years ago…
Tom K.
This is the only gum not made of plastics other than Mastic gum. I hate plastics even though I am probably part plastic from all their damned pollution. Glee flavor lasts. Before I was chewing PUR. No more. A question for you Guy – why don’t you make… Read more
I got a free Beaver gumball machine and bought first bought 100 pieces of Spry xylitol gum . It barely covered the bottom so I decided to buy 500 pieces of your gum. So I guess it was the fact you sold xylitol gum is the right volume size.
Wow, a personal request. That’s a first. I researched which gum producers were using sugar free additives that were not a health risk for the body. Glee Gum was one of the few that worked to provide such a product. Wintergreen is one of my favorite… Read more
It is natural and made in USA. Honestly we have been chewing Spry for a long time but try to stay away from imported especially china made products  whenever possible but we never thought to look at our gum until today. We have purchased Glee at va… Read more
Kristi R.
Because the sugar free doesn’t contain sugar, aspartame, or any other synthetic sweetener. I believe that Glee Gum is a healthy option for the teeth. I do wish that the size was larger, and they didn’t break apart after a long chew.
Keeps me going while hiking! Plus Xylitol is a good microbe retardant! Plus I like your philosophy! Thanks, M
I am working with a team in China to conduct a 4 day training. I chose the Glee Gum to give out to the attendees as a way of supporting companies with a strong sustainability focus. It’s a philosophy I hope to help foster in our company.
My husband chews it because it truly is “all natural”– no chemicals= no headaches! I was pleasantly surprised to also see your environmental impact and that you are a member of Green America– so am I. Keep up the good work, and PLEASE DON’T SELL OUT… Read more
Amanda F.
We buy it for dental health (sugar free). It’s worrisome though with our pup in the house. Hoping that you’re looking toward switching to erythritol. Thanks!
Jenny P.

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