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Glee Gum is a delicious natural chewing gum

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Aspartame-free. Non-GMO Project Verified.

Made with chicle, a tree sap harvested sustainably to help conserve the rainforest.

It’s the best-selling alternative to conventional, synthetic gum in the country!

So, change what you chew! Glee Gum is the natural choice for YOU.

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I use the gum to help me slow down with my smoking, AND my body reacts negatively to all the products of today that contain artificial sugar, while it is happy with your gum 🙂 Also the taste is good. Thank you for offering Glee Gum!
Patricia C.
Love the taste, all natural, and i like to chew now…I quit smoking about ten years ago…
Tom K.
I have purchased Glee gum for my kids because it is natural. I purchase it at natural foods stores. I went on your website to order 2 make your own gum kits. One for my 10 yr old nephew and one for my college aged children for Christmas. Despite the age difference they will all be delighted!
Maureen D.
It doesn’t have an certain ingredients and is more natural.
Wow, a personal request. That’s a first. I researched which gum producers were using sugar free additives that were not a health risk for the body. Glee Gum was one of the few that worked to provide such a product. Wintergreen is one of my favorites. Your sustainability should also be recognized for those critical efforts. Thanks for asking Guy
Xylitol, it tastes good, and it is reasonably priced. Thanks.
Timothy B.
The one thing I wanted was a sugar free gum to chew at work that was not made from plastic. If you’re interested in the whole story, I like to chew gum at work after lunch (brushing right away isn’t good for teeth) or if I drink coffee. The Xilitol is good for the teeth. However, I recently read that most gum is made from plastic. Glee gum was the only company offering real gum with Xylitol. I couldn’t find it at the Whole Foods I shop at, though I used your locator to find some stores. However, I liked the idea of bulk. It’s cheaper and has less packaging. I appreciate the other aspects of your company, too.
I buy your gum for my grandchildren. It isn’t artificially sweetened and their parents prefer they not have artificial sugar. Thanks for making it!
Brenda B.
Because the sugar free doesn’t contain sugar, aspartame, or any other synthetic sweetener. I believe that Glee Gum is a healthy option for the teeth. I do wish that the size was larger, and they didn’t break apart after a long chew.
we buy the sugar-free gum because we feel that xylitol is valuable for good dental health. I have a four-year-old, six-year-old, myself and my husband that chew Glee gum every day! “

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