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Glee Gum is a delicious natural chewing gum

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Aspartame-free. Non-GMO Project Verified.

Made with chicle, a tree sap harvested sustainably to help conserve the rainforest.

It’s the best-selling alternative to conventional, synthetic gum in the country!

So, change what you chew! Glee Gum is the natural choice for YOU.

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Make-Your-Own Kits

Make Your Own Candy Kits offer everything you need to make your own chewing gum, gummies, and chocolate, from scratch. Educational and eco-friendly, each DIY activity kit comes with great ingredients and simple instructions. Easy to enjoy at home, in the classroom, at birthday parties, and more. Fun gifts for the young and the young-at-heart!

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I have purchased Glee gum for my kids because it is natural. I purchase it at natural foods stores. I went on your website to order 2 make your own gum kits. One for my 10 yr old nephew and one for my college aged children for Christmas. Despite the age difference they will all be delighted!
Maureen D.
Two main reasons: First, a sugar-free option based on xylitol, without any other substitute sweeteners. (No aspartame, saccharin, etc.) I’ve read all about the specific oral health benefits which accrue to xylitol (and xylitol alone) aside from all other natural and artificial sweeteners. Second and as-important, Glee’s xylitol is US-sourced. Please keep making & selling a quality product at a reasonable price. I hope to be chewing Glee sugarless gum in its current high-quality form for decades to come.
We love the fact that your gum doesn’t contain any crap!!
Christopher A.
Keeps me going while hiking! Plus Xylitol is a good microbe retardant! Plus I like your philosophy! Thanks, M
I actually order your gum for my wife. We quit smoking about 8 years ago and she needed gum to help with that. She bought various sugar free gum, but it upset her stomach because of the artificial sweeteners. Then she learned about Glee Gum and its natural ingredients. She has been chewing the sugar free wintergreen gum for years now with no adverse side effects. We thank you for that!!
Gary and Maria H.
I use the gum to help me slow down with my smoking, AND my body reacts negatively to all the products of today that contain artificial sugar, while it is happy with your gum 🙂 Also the taste is good. Thank you for offering Glee Gum!
Patricia C.
Looking for a keto friendly gum to helps with Keto Breath.
Richard H.
I gladly buy Glee Gum for my sweet son. He is an 11 year-old 5th grader with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. Chewing gum helps to keep him grounded with the input his nervous system needs while learning at school and at home. Finding a gum that worked for him was rather difficult as he was unable to have red40 and does not like mint flavored things. Search around and you aren’t going to find many options to please a boy…believe me, I looked. Enter on scene, a great super hero – Glee Gum Bubblegum and Sugar-Free Lemon Lime! He likes these very much and really enjoys having his needs met with his very own gum ball machine at home. Thank you for making a product I can feel good about giving my beloved child! Thanks from the bottom of my heart
J. H.
Wow, a personal request. That’s a first. I researched which gum producers were using sugar free additives that were not a health risk for the body. Glee Gum was one of the few that worked to provide such a product. Wintergreen is one of my favorites. Your sustainability should also be recognized for those critical efforts. Thanks for asking Guy
We keep our family artificial dye free. My kiddos wanted to try a blow pop in the worst way, so we found your website!! Thanks for offering dye free treats!
Joelle V.

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