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Glee Gum is a delicious natural chewing gum

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Aspartame-free. Non-GMO Project Verified.

Made with chicle, a tree sap harvested sustainably to help conserve the rainforest.

It’s the best-selling alternative to conventional, synthetic gum in the country!

So, change what you chew! Glee Gum is the natural choice for YOU.

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we buy the sugar-free gum because we feel that xylitol is valuable for good dental health. I have a four-year-old, six-year-old, myself and my husband that chew Glee gum every day! “
It is natural and made in USA. Honestly we have been chewing Spry for a long time but try to stay away from imported especially china made products  whenever possible but we never thought to look at our gum until today. We have purchased Glee at various food co-ops over the years and yours does taste better but Spry lasts longer and is easily found in 100 piece containers so that is why we never really switched. That ends today because Glee is made in the USA. Your website is really great and I wish we checked into it much sooner, it was really nice to find all the information, direct purchase and in bulk. I learned a lot about gum today!
Kristi R.
I want to chew gum at work when I get hungry but I don’t want a ton of sugar
Jacob B.
My son has Type 1 diabetes, and he likes gum (he’s 5 y/o). We chose your gum because the ingredients look promising (birch xylitol) re: not upsetting his blood sugar.
M. K.
It doesn’t have an certain ingredients and is more natural.
I find that chewing gum helps me when I am working on an issue. No matter what the problem my mind is sharper when I chew gum.?? However, I am very sensitive to artificial sweeteners and can no longer find gum at the store unless I want to chew bubble gum. Even then I must read the label carefully (even Juicy Fruit now has artificial sweeteners!). I am so excited to find this gum and I can’t wait to try it!!
Patti H.
We keep our family artificial dye free. My kiddos wanted to try a blow pop in the worst way, so we found your website!! Thanks for offering dye free treats!
Joelle V.
I have purchased Glee gum for my kids because it is natural. I purchase it at natural foods stores. I went on your website to order 2 make your own gum kits. One for my 10 yr old nephew and one for my college aged children for Christmas. Despite the age difference they will all be delighted!
Maureen D.
Rainforest conservation and a natural gum base are the main reasons I purchased Glee. I like chewing gum but do not trust the synthetic gum bases that are the norm. Please consider a baking soda gum—these are nice after a meal, and very difficult to find. Arm & Hammer used to make one but I don’t think they produce it anymore. I’d like to see a Glee line aimed at adults—with baking soda and herbal flavors. Gum doesn’t need to be candy—look at the Turkish gum Falim.  
I like Glee Gum because it doesn’t have aspartame in it.
Anne B.

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