Refill Kit to Make Gum from Glee Gum

Refill Kit to Make Gum

$6.95/ 4 oz. of Gum Base

Love making gum? Our Refill Kit comes with 4 ounces of gum base* (double the amount in the original Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit), a microwaveable pan for softening it, and instructions. You provide the confectioner’s sugar, corn or rice syrup, and flavoring, all of which can be purchased at your local grocery store. The Refill Kit yields 60 – 90 pieces of finished gum, depending on how you cut it (we recommend rolling it into little gumballs!)

Some folks even like to chew the gum base plain. It has a subtle, woodsy flavor and no nutritional value. It can be a great tool for those on restricted diets or trying to quit smoking. If you’d like to order more than 4 oz., check out our rates for Gum Base by the Pound. Happy chewing!

*Please note that this gum base is different from the one used in Glee Gum. It contains a mix of natural chicle and food-grade, synthetic resins. If you have purchased this product before, you may find the texture of the current batch slightly tougher than previous batches. It remains highly chewable! 


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