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Summer 2010, Issue VII

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While supplies last, all online orders placed on will include a free bag of Wee Glee Medley.

You’ll love this fun, miniature mixture of itty, bitty pieces of Glee Gum, perfectly sized to pop by the handful. Bid adieu to the summertime blues with every Glee-ful piece you chew!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it once more. The only thing better than one pack of Glee Gum is two. That’s why I’ve got this Buy One – Get One Coupon to share with you!

Click here, print it out, and bring it to your local store. It’s the best way to buy more of the gum you adore!

GLEE Club Book Pick

A Children’s Tale of Chewing Gum

In the canon of books about candy, Monica Brown’s Chavela and the Magic Bubble is destined for greatness. Here in the hallowed halls of Glee Gum’s headquarters, it is considered nothing less than a masterpiece!

The story in this new children’s book follows a gum-chewing little girl on a magical journey. With the “Magic Chicle” gum that she buys at the corner store, Chavela blows a bubble big enough to send her soaring through the air. Transported through time and space to the jungles of the Yucatán, she watches chicleros harvest sapodilla trees for chicle – the same sticky stuff used in Glee Gum! Beautiful illustrations by Magaly Morales take the reader deep into the rainforest with Chavela. It’s a truly terrific trip!

Award-winning author Monica Brown, Ph.D. says her interest in the book’s subject began with a simple question from her daughter: “Where does chewing gum come from?” Brown researched the matter, and found the results fascinating. Inspired by her own Latin American heritage, her daughter’s sense of fun and adventure, the beauty of the rainforest, and the writing style of magical realists, she crafted Chavela’s tale.

“I happen to love chewing gum, and this made the idea of a little girl taking a magic bubble gum ride even more whimsical and fun,” says Brown. Her favorite flavor of Glee Gum? Bubblegum, of course!

One lucky Glee newsletter reader will win their very own, free copy of Chavela and the Magic Bubble! Email with the subject line “Chavela” and that winner could be YOU.

Not feeling lucky? Not to worry! Chavela and the Magic Bubble (Clarion Books, 2010) is available everywhere fine books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To find an independent bookseller near you, visit For more children’s books by Monica Brown, check out her website at She even offers a discussion guide on Chavela, perfect for teachers! And be sure to read our full interview with Brown on the Glee Guy’s blog.


focus on non-timber forest products


Cleaning with Nuts Is Not Nuts!

If we told you to put a few nuts in a cotton sack and drop them in the laundry machine with your next load of dirty clothes, would you think that we were crazy?

Believe it or not, soap nuts have been used as a natural detergent for over 10,000 years! This neat non-timber forest product is actually sundried fruit, harvested sustainably from the Chinese Soapberry tree. Otherwise known as the Sapindus mukorrosi, the tree is a member of the Lychee family and produces a fruit that looks much like a date. The practice of wild harvesting soap nuts helps to conserve the forest, giving the trees more value standing than chopped down.

We talked to Dariel Garner, the general manager of a cool California-based company called Maggie’s Pure Land Products, to learn more about this nifty nut.  He explained that natural cleaning products were the norm until WWII, when the chemical industry began producing detergents. Interestingly enough, that’s the same time that chewing gum manufacturers replaced chicle with synthetic gum base!

The folks at Maggie’s get their soap nuts from India and Indonesia. Skilled laborers climb the trees to pick the soap nuts, then drop them to the ground, spread them out, and leave them to dry. While the nuts are still a little wet, the large seed inside each is removed; it is often used for marbles, cattle feed, and jewelry. Then the nut is closed so that it remains round. The trees, which first bear fruit at nine years old and can grow to be ninety feet tall, are harvested once a year.

What makes soap nuts wash so well? They contain saponin, a natural surfactant and foaming agent. Low-sudsing, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and often reusable, soap nuts work in any temperature of water, any washing machine, and with all kinds of clothes—even delicates like silk! Soap nuts save water, save energy, and help save forests too.  Intrigued and compelled to learn more? Maggie’s answers all your questions about the power of soap nuts right here.

Now, we don’t think you’re untidy. But we do suspect you have a pile of dirty laundry in your home right now. Give soap nuts a spin! This swell non-timber forest product is sure to leave you spellbound.



Can’t wait to start washing with soap nuts? Our pals at Maggie’s Pure Land are pleased to offer Glee newsletter readers 20% OFF any product purchase from their webstore! In addition to soap nuts, Maggie’s carries natural liquid laundry detergent (the only in the world without synthetic chemicals) and even soap nut earrings! Simply visit and enter the discount code GLEE at checkout.* As they say at Maggie’s, happy washing! 

* Offer expires 6/15/10.

Love to compete? Sweet

A GLEE-ful Giveaway

“Glee” is many things. Delight, for one. Chewing gum, for another. And, this year, it’s everyone’s favorite TV show!

FOX’s award-winning series GLEE has something for everyone – humor and heart, music and mischief, and one heck of a title. In celebration of it, Glee Gum is giving away 8 great gift packages of GLEE merchandise!

Each gift pack includes a GLEE cap, bag, tee shirt, and autographed cast photo. You’ll be the envy of Gleeks everywhere!

Want one? Just email the Glee Guy with one thing that makes you Glee-ful – be it a flavor of gum, a hug from a chum, a character from the show, or hearing a song that you know! The first 8 folks to do so will get the gift pack!

And don’t forget to tune in to GLEE Tuesdays (9/ 8 c) on FOX. The series follows an optimistic teacher who – against all odds and a malicious cheerleading coach – inspires McKinley High’s Glee Club to conquer the world one singing competition at a time. Sounds Glee-ful, doesn’t it?

To enter the GLEE-ful Giveaway, email and tell him 1 thing that brings you Glee. Gift packs go to the first 8 individuals to email. Include your name, email address and zip code. Deadline June 1, 2010. 1 email per person. Open to US residents only.

GLEE™ & © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Glee, Globally

Oh, Canada... Eh?

Glee Gum is available from sea to shining sea here in the States. But did you know that you can also find it up north? That’s right, gum chums! Canada— the home of ice hockey, Tim Horton’s, good health care, and those oh so dashing Mounties— is now home to Glee Gum as well!

We are thrilled to share the Glee with our Canadian candy comrades. We tip our hats to their beautiful countryside, superhuman ability to withstand cold temperatures, and most excellent taste in chewing gum. Are YOU in Canada, looking for Glee? Check out our handy dandy Canadian store locator. We update it as often as possible, and hope to continue expanding our availabilty. Onwards to Greenland, eh? Yay!

Glee in the Community

Places You're Apt To Find Glee: Basically, Far As The Eye Can See!

Find more information about Glee Gum at

Chicago Green Festival
@ Navy Pier (Booth 210)
May 22 – 23, 2010
Chicago, IL

Autism One/ Generation Rescue 2010 Conference 
@ The Westin O'Hare Hotel
May 24 - 30, 2010
Rosemont, IL 60018

NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo
@ McCormick Place (Booth 752)
May 25 – 27, 2010
Chicago, IL

Customer Appreciation Day
@ Straub's Fine Grocers
June 5, 2010
St. Louis, MO

Think Green Fair
@ Olmsted County Fairgrounds
June 26, 2010
Rochester, MN

Sierra Hills Golf Tournament
To Benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
June 26, 2010
Wichita, KS

WriteGirl's Season End Celebration
@ Writers Guild Theater
June 26, 2010
Beverly Hills, CA

NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show
@ Jacob K. Javitz Center (Booth 4842)
June 27 – 29, 2010
New York, NY

Anniversary Celebration
@ Harmony Farms
May 1, 2010
Raleigh, NC

32nd Annual Wake Up the Earth Festival
May 1, 2010
Jamaica Plain, MA

15th Anniversary Celebration
@ For The Health Of It
May 4, 2010
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Annual Customer Appreciation Day
@ Healthy Home Market- South End 
May 4, 2010
Charlotte, NC

FAAN Lunch & Learn Session
May 12, 2010
Concord, NC

Friends of the Earth Green Ball
@ The Officer’s Club
May 21, 2010
San Francisco, CA

Annual Spring Membership Meeting & Luncheon
@ Ever'man Natural Foods Cooperative
May 22, 2010
Pensacola, FL

Greater Phoenix Gluten-Free Expo 2010
@ Sheraton Crescent Hotel
May 22, 2010
Phoenix, AZ

9th Annual International Walk/ Run for Celiac Disease
May 22, 2010
Jamesville, NY

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