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As you probably know, Prop 37— the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act— didn’t pass this month. We still believe that we have a right to know if our food contains GMOs. And, based on the votes cast in Cali, so do at least 4 million other Americans.

“Because of the prevalence of soy, corn, and sugar in processed foods, more than 30,000 GMO food products sit on US grocery shelves unlabeled,” Alisa Gravitz, the president of Green America, recently noted. “GMO food products have not been independently tested by the FDA, and have been linked to food allergies, irritable bowels, cancer, and birth defects. What's more, GMOs harm the environment through increased pesticide-use, the rise of super-bugs and super-weeds, and loss of biodiversity.”

These risks spurred Green America to create a new campaign, called GMO Inside, with hopes of increasing awareness and keeping up the momentum from Prop 37. Visit their site to join the movement! Before your next trip to the grocery store, also consider checking out the Institute for Responsible Technology’s guide to GMO-free shopping. And don’t forget that our partners at Just Label It offer a quick and easy way for you to contact the FDA about this important issue.


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