Glee in the Press

Glee Gum Press Kit

Glee Newsletter XXX

Glee Gum Newsletter XXX, Nov.-Dec. 2013

Manufacturing Confectioner Oct

Manufacturing Confectioner, October 2013

Glee Newsletter XXIX

Glee Gum Newsletter XXIX, Sept.-Oct. 2013

Glee Newsletter XXVIII

Glee Gum Newsletter XXVIII, July-Aug. 2013

Glee Newsletter XXVII

Glee Gum Newsletter XXVII, May-June 2013

Candy Industry June 13

Candy Industry, June 2013

Glee Newsletter XXVI

Glee Gum Newsletter XXVI, Mar.-Apr. 2013

 Gourmet News March 2013

Gourmet News, March 2013

Manufacturing Confectioner March

Manufacturing Confectioner, March 2013

AKA Mom, February 2013

AKA Mom, February 2013

Green Pages 2013

Green America National Green Pages, 2013

Glee Newsletter XXV

Glee Gum Newsletter XXV, Winter 2013

Green Living

Green Living Newsletter, Dec. 2012

Women’s Health, December 2012

Women’s Health, December 2012

Glee Newsletter XXIV

Glee Gum Newsletter XXIV, December 2012

TD Monthly Nov

TD Monthly, November 2012

Glee Newsletter XXIII

Glee Gum Newsletter XXIII, November 2012

Health Food Business, October 2012

Health Food Business, October 2012

Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times, November 2012

Loveland Reporter-Herald, November 2012

Loveland Reporter-Herald, November 2012

Glee Newsletter XXII

Glee Gum Newsletter XXII, October 2012

Green America Oct 2012

Green America, October 2012

Rodale News, October 2012

Rodale News, October 2012

Energy Times, September 2012

Energy Times, September 2012

Food Processing Sept 2012

Food Processing, September 2012

Glee Newsletter XXI

Glee Gum Newsletter XXI, September 2012

Delicious Living Sept 2012

Delicious Living, September 2012

Glee Newsletter XX

Glee Gum Newsletter XX, August 2012

Providence Business News, August 2012

Chicago 3 Media August 2012

Chicago 3 Media, August 2012

Glee Newsletter XIX

Glee Gum Newsletter XIX, July 2012

Candy Snack July 2012

Candy & Snack Today, July-Aug. 2012

Glee Newsletter XVIII

Glee Gum Newsletter XVIII, June 2012

Green Child

Green Child Magazine, Summer 2012

Gourmet News

Gourmet News Magazine, May 2012

Valley Breeze

The Valley Breeze, May 2012

Glee Newsletter XVII

Glee Gum Newsletter XVII, May 2012

Glee Newsletter XVI

Glee Gum Newsletter XVI, April 2012, March 2012


YAHOO! News, March 2012

Pro Jo 2012

Providence Journal, March 2012

Candy Snack 2012

Candy & Snack Today, March 2012

SS Euro 2012

Sweets & Snacks Europe, March 2012

Candy Snack 2012

Candy Industry, March 2012

Can Vending 2012

Canadian Vending, March 2012

 Pro Candy Buyer 3-12

Professional Candy Buyer, March 2012

Conv Dist 3 12

Convenience Distribution, March 2012

Glee Newsletter XIV

Glee Gum Newsletter XV, March 2012


FOX CT News, Feb. 2012 - Watch clip here!


New England Cable News, Feb. 2012 - Watch clip here!

Glee Newsletter XV

Glee Gum Newsletter XIV, February 2012

Allergic Living

Allergic Living Magazine, Winter 2012


Unjunk Your Junk Food, Published Jan. 2012

Nat Awake

Natural Awakenings Magazine, January 2012

Glee Newsletter XIII

Glee Gum Newsletter XIII, January 2012


New England Cable News, Dec. 2011 - Watch clip here!


Supermarket Guru, Dec. 2011 - Watch clip here!

Glee Newsletter XII

Glee Gum Newsletter XII, December 2011

 Brown Alumni Magazine, December 2011

Brown Alumni Magazine, December 2011

Woman's World

Woman's World Magazine, November 2011


The Martha Stewart Show, November 2011

Glee Newsletter XI

Glee Gum Newsletter XI, November 2011

People  Oct 2011, October 2011

KIWI Oct 2011

KIWI Magazine, October 2011

Natural Solutions Oct 2011

Natural Solutions Magazine, October 2011

Glee Newsletter X

Glee Gum Newsletter X, October 2011

 Pro Candy Buyer Sept

Professional Candy Buyer Magazine, September - October 2011

Delicious Living Sept

Delicious Living, September 2011

Easy Eats Sept

Easy Eats Magazine, September 2011

Candy Industry Aug

Candy Industry Magazine, August 2011

Edplay Aug 2011

Edplay Magazine, August 2011

Adweek July

Adweek Magazine, July 2011

Jewish Voice Herald June

The Jewish Voice & Herald, June 2011

Urban Farm May

Urban Farm Magazine, May – June 2011

Candy Snack Today May

Candy & Snack Today Magazine, May - June 2011

Gourmet Retailer May

The Gourmet Retailer Magazine, May 2011

Candy Industry May

Candy Industry Magazine, May 2011

Sweets Snacks Europe May

Sweets & Snacks Europe, May 2011

Glee Newsletter VII

Glee Gum Newsletter IX, Spring 2011

Canadian Vending April

Canadian Vending Magazine, April 2011

Kennedy Confection April

Kennedy’s Confection Magazine, April 2011

Natural Products April

Natural Products Marketplace, April 2011

Confectionery April

Confectionery Production, April 2011

Packaging News March 2011

Packaging News, UK, March 2011

 Pro Candy Buyer March

Professional Candy Buyer Magazine, March - April 2011

Candy Snack Today Dec

Candy & Snack Today Magazine, December 2010

Pilates Style

Pilates Style Magazine, December 2010

Go Local Prov

Go Local Prov, December 2010

Rhode Show

Fox News, December 2010


Gir(L) Magazine, December 2010

Glee Newsletter VIII

Glee Gum Newsletter VIII, Fall-Winter 2010


The Wall Street Journal, October 2010


Américas Magazine, October 2010

Triumph Dining

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, 4th Edition


GoodLiving Magazine, September - October 2010


Martha Stewart Living Magazine, August 2010

Glamour, August 2010

Sweet & Healthy 2010

Sweet & Healthy, August 2010


EnergyTimes, August 2010

Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune, June 2010

Glee Newsletter VII

Glee Gum Newsletter VII, Summer 2010

Tonic Toronto Press Release

Toronto Tonic Magazine, May 2010

Whom You Know

Whom You Know, April 2010

Glee Newsletter VI

Glee Gum Newsletter VI, Spring 2010

NBC's The 10! Show

NBC Philadelphia’s The 10! Show, February 2010

Green Holiday Gifts

NBC News Nationwide, December 2009 - Watch clip here!


GearAwardsTM Seal of Excellence Awards, 2009

Glee Newsletter V

Glee Gum Newsletter V, Nov. - Dec. 2009, October 2009

ABC News

ABC News, Los Angeles, October 2009 - Watch clip here!

Sweet & Healthy

Sweet & Healthy, October 2009

Good Morning America

Good Morning America, October 2009 - Watch clip here!

Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions Magazine, October 2009

Glee Newsletter IV

Glee Gum Newsletter IV, Sept. - Oct. 2009

Specialty Food Magazine

Specialty Food Magazine, September 2009

Organic Shopper

Organic Shopper Magazine, Fall/ Holiday 2009

Glee Newsletter III

Glee Gum Newsletter III, July - August 2009

Providence Journal June

The Providence Journal, June 2009

Glee Newsletter II

Glee Gum Newsletter II, May - June 2009

Providence Journal May

The Providence Journal, May 2009

Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit Magazine, May 2009


GreenTV, April 2009 - Watch clip here!

Glee Newsletter I

Glee Gum Newsletter I, March - April 2009

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 2009

Drugstore Canada

Drugstore Canada, November 2008

Specialty Food Magazine, September 2008

Specialty Food Magazine, September 2008

Alternative Channel

Alternative Channel, September 2008

Gluten Free Doctor

Gluten-Free Doctor, August 2008

Teen Magazine

Teen Magazine, Summer 2008

Rachael Ray Show

Rachael Ray Show, Snack of the Day, April 2008

Grocery Headquarters

Grocery Headquarters Magazine, April 2008

US Airways

US Airways Magazine, April 2008

Candy Industry April

Candy Industry Magazine, April 2008

Chow Pick

Chow Pick, October 2007


Girlawhirl, October 2007


Sprig, October 2007

Providence Business News

Providence Business News, October 2007


Unwrapped: Chewrific, The Food Network


Brandweek Magazine, August 2007

Beauty News NYC

Beauty News NYC, May 2007


DadLabs, March 2007 - Watch clip here!

The View

ABC's The View, December 2006

Field & Feast

Field & Feast Magazine, May 2006

Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting, December 2005


Savvy, The Village Voice, October 2005

New York Times 2005

New York Times, October 2005

Secret Life of

The Secret Life of Bubble Gum, The Food Network


Treehugger, November 2004

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    I would be very pleased to receive your answer.

    • Hi Eli! Thanks for your email and your interest! For a shipping quote on international orders, please email our shipping department directly at Please include your full address & the quantity and specifications of your order. They will be happy to send a quote back to you and process your order for you. Thanks!

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