Featured Fans: Two Who Chew

Nov.-Dec. 2014 Featured Fan PhotoMeet Maddox and Danica, sweet siblings with soft spots for Glee Gum. And they aren’t shy about explaining why!

“It is delicious and makes me happy because it is a safe and healthy gum that I can eat,” says ten-year-old Maddox.

“It is yummy and it makes me feel like a jumping kangaroo!” adds Danica, who is seven.

What happens when these two kids are not chewing gum? We had to know.

“When I’m not chewing gum, I’m licking a gum pop so I can get to the gum!” announces Maddox.

And “I’m sad,” Danica admits. Jokingly, we think.

But, rest assured, these kids have other interests. Maddox, for example, loves money. And Danica loves being a cheerleader. Aren’t kids the best?

Maddox and Danica’s mom kindly reports that, in fact, the whole family loves Glee and Glee Gum Pops, and enjoys sharing them with friends, too. “Thank you, Glee, for making REAL treats!” she says.

To which we say, thanks to YOU, too!

If you would like to be considered as our next “Featured Fan”—and win a case of Glee Gum for the honor— simply send an email introducing yourself to our mascot, gleeguy@gleegum.com

Glee Plantin’ Trees

We feel pretty strongly about trees here at Glee. By which we mean, we LOVE them.

Glee Gum is made with sustainably harvested chicle from sapodilla trees (and you can watch that process here!). Our company is also a proud partner of Trees for the Future, an agroforestry resource center that brings sustainable land management programs to developing countries (we welcome you to participate in our related tree planting program here!).

This past weekend, we got a chance to do some tree planting right near our Rhode Island headquarters. Thanks to a splendid award from the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program, we received free trees (plus soil and sidewalk preparation) in exchange for several hours of volunteer time spent planting them. Neighbors joined our Gleeful crew, and we planted a total of 18 beautiful new trees in Upper South Providence. We can’t wait to watch them grow!

Here are a few snapshots from the day.


_DSC7226 _DSC7244 _DSC7300 _DSC7313 _DSC7456 _DSC7482 _DSC7500 _DSC7509


Featured Fan: A Gum Chum from the Garden State

Gleeful birthday greetings to Avianna M. of New Jersey! She just turned 14. And clearly she is wise beyond her years, with a seasoned palate. Because Avianna reports, “I love Glee Gum!”

Featured Fan AviannaAvianna first tried Glee a few years back. She notes, “My whole family eats only natural foods. My mom didn’t want us to chew gum with bad ingredients. She discovered Glee Gum in the natural food stores and allowed us to try it and we were in love with it.”

Avianna favors Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon Glee because, as she says, “The flavor is delicious and long-lasting, the gum is natural, and xylitol is good for your teeth.”

Little known fact about Avianna? She’s double-jointed in her fingers. So, we imagine that watching her open a pack of Glee Gum is akin to seeing Cirque du Soleil. And, when Avianna’s not chewing gum? She’s reading– with a special interest in books about utopian societies and Greek mythology. Smart cookie, eh? Hey, we only chew-se the best!

If you would like to be considered as our next “Featured Fan”— and win a case of Glee Gum for the honor— simply email our mascot, gleeguy@gleegum.com.

Free Candy Kits for the Classroom

Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting Glee Gum as a finalist for Green America’s Summer 2014 People & Planet award last month! The contest celebrated companies committed to social and environmental responsibility. We felt honored to be nominated, and were seriously impressed and inspired by our fellow nominees.

This month, we are delighted to tell you that… WE WON!

Free Kits for ClassesThat’s right, folks. Your votes helped us to win a $5K prize. And that, in turn, enables us to spread the Glee by sending FREE Make Your Own Candy Kits to 250 public school classrooms with the prize money. Woo-hoo!

We cordially invite U.S. public school teachers to apply for complimentary educational kits to make natural chewing gum, chocolate, or gummies in class this year. Interested teachers may apply here. Please feel free to spread the word!

Happy Non-GMO Month!

Non-GMO MonthNon-GMO Month kicks off today, and Glee Gum is a proud sponsor. Join the fun!

Created by the Non-GMO Project in 2010 as a platform for raising awareness, Non-GMO Month provides a great opportunity to stand up for the right to know what’s in our food.

Sixty-four countries around the world have mandatory GMO labeling or outright bans, including Australia, Japan, China, Russia, and the EU. Not the US, where as much as 80% of packaged food sold in grocery stores contains GMOs. There’s no better time to check out the Non-GMO Project Verified product list. Plus, you can support labeling measures, enter to win daily giveaways, and learn more at NonGMOMonth.org. Enjoy!

Introducing Glee Gum Pops

They’re here! They’re here! And, just in time for Halloween!
Meet our brand new, 100% natural gum pops— hard candy lollipops with ooey, gooey, bubblegum centers.
Halloween Glee Gum Pops
Our limited release, special edition pack of ten pops is a swell alternative to conventional Halloween treats. Each pack contains a mix of three delicious flavors: Sweet Strawberry, Crisp Green Apple, and Juicy Orange. Gluten-free and allergy-friendly, these pops are made without scary ingredients: no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Simply spook-tacular treats! Give the new Halloween Glee Gum Pops a go. Your trick-or-treaters will thank ya!


Sneak Peek: New Product!

Sometimes, (sweet) dreams do come true!

Case in point: our brand new GUM POPS. Delicious, natural lollipops with natural bubblegum centers. They’re happening! They’re really happening!

We just got these exciting snapshots, fresh from the production line…

Gum Pops Production Photo  2

Gum Pops Production Photo 3

Stay tuned for more details. These gum pops are coming SOON!


Vote for Glee!


Our friends at Green America are giving away $5K to three green businesses, and our company is a proud finalist!

Your vote could help us win a People & Planet Award– and enable us to send complimentary Make Your Own Candy Kits to 250 schools with the prize money. How sweet would that be?

As Green America puts it, “Finalists are expected to represent an overall green way of doing business, shine in their commitment to both social and environmental responsibility, and make it easier to raise green kids.”

See how we do our best to fit that bill here. And please cast your vote by 8 PM EDT on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Thanks for your consideration, gum chums!