Rave Reviews for Radius!

In Glee’s Providence headquarters, we spend a lot of time chewing gum. It’s one of the perks of the job! We also eat big lunches, munch on popcorn during staff meetings, and snack on sweets all afternoon (please feel free to send any spare chocolate our way). But, when the fine folks at RADIUS sent us a selection of toothbrushes to try, we stopped chewing (for a minute). One week of home trials later, the results were in.

RADIUS Fans at Glee“I love my new RADIUS toothbrush!” our sales director Katanya exclaims of the RADIUS Original. “It cleans my teeth and gives me a gum massage all at once. My dentist always told me to brush my teeth and my gums, but I have avoided it for years, either because the toothbrush was too hard and it hurt my gums, or it was too small and took too long. But, now I have no excuse, because a normal two-minute brushing takes care of everything!”

“Because of the size of the toothbrush head, it cleans more of my gums than regular toothbrushes—which is great,” agrees our shipping manager Chelsea. She also likes the texture. “My dentist told me that soft bristles are best for avoiding receding gums.”

Fatsuma in sales adds, “The bristles are very soft and comfortable, unlike many commercial brushes that may feel very abrasive on the gums. It allows me to get a really good cleaning with minimal effort in a reasonable amount of time.” She also finds the larger handle size to be a plus.

Ren in administration tried the Source toothbrush, which features a handle made from a creative combination of bio-plastic and recycled paper. Other materials used in Source handles include recycled wood and old dollar bills (wow!). Ren notes, “I like the fact that even my dental hygiene can be environmentally conscious.”

In addition to new toothbrushes, we had a chance to try RADIUS floss sachets. We all enjoyed their mint and cranberry flavors made with natural xylitol (the same sweetener used in Sugar-Free Glee!), as well as their variety spun from organic silk thread. “I love how they come in little packs with the perfect amount of floss,” says Fatsuma. And Ren describes them as “great for flossing on the go!”

RADIUS even sent us an array of their multi-use suction holders to test. Most of us positioned them in our respective bathrooms to hold our new toothbrushes, but they can be used elsewhere as well. Ren, for example, reports that her holder is “great for hands-free phone calls while multi-tasking.” Fatsuma calls hers “convenient, easy to use, and flexible enough for many different-sized objects.”

Wanna learn more? Check out RADIUS online, or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter. We’re grinning from ear to ear over here! (When we’re not busy chewing, of course).



Store Spotlight: Earth Fare

Good news for gum chums in AL, FL, GA, IN, KY, NC, OH, SC, aaaaaand TN. All Earth Fare stores now carry sweet ‘n delicious Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum! (Not armadillos. We just thought the Bubblegum looked cute with this one.)

Bubblegum at Earth Fare

Earth Fare stores work hard to make your shopping decisions easy. They don’t offer anything made with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, or artificial colors and sweeteners. Their fresh meat and dairy are always free from synthetic growth hormones. As they say, they’re proud to read the labels, “so you don’t have to!”

Stop in and see ‘em sometime! And, to find Glee Gum elsewhere, take a gander at our (armadillo-free) store locator.

Take the Non-GMO Challenge!

Earth Day is April 22nd. But Earth Month starts next week! One fun way to celebrate? Take the Non-GMO Challenge.

Commit to going Non-GMO in some way this April, be it one meal a week or three meals a day, and you’ll join the Non-GMO Project in helping to support a healthy food system. The Non-GMO Project will offer tips and recipes all month to keep you on track. And you can encourage and inspire others by posting a picture of yourself, your kids, or even your pets with a sign sharing your commitment. Each week one creative shutterbug will win a “Dreambox” of Non-GMO Project Verified goodies—like Glee Gum!

Our pals at the Non-GMO Project explain, “We encourage everyone to learn about GMOs and the impact they have on human health, the environment, and farmers’ and consumers’ rights. Then, make a meaningful commitment to going non-GMO.”

As you can see, we did it here at Glee. Join us!

Non-GMO Challenge

Vote of Confidence

Krista H. from Minnesota is a Glee Gum devotee– and recently took the time to tell us why!

“My son has mild sensory processing disorder,” Krista explains. “This means he does not take in the world with his senses the same way you and I do. Most people think of it as kids who are bothered by socks and tags on their shirt and dislike (or prefer) loud noises. But it is bigger then that. This can happen with all your senses. Chewing helps to calm, organize your thoughts/brain, and focus. And if the gum is flavored with some form of mint, the scent can be calming as well. So we use gum for this… And it works!”

Krista appreciates that Glee is aspartame-free, and adds that she even gives it to her other son to distract him from picking his nose. (Note: this approach just might work on some adults you know, too!)

We were especially impressed by Krista’s creative Glee Gum storage technique (see below). Thanks for sharing, Krista!

Handy School Aid


Save Big on Glee Gum Pouches!

A fun new flavor.
A big new size.
And, now, an in-store coupon!

Save $0.75 on our resealable & recyclable Glee Gum pouches next time you see ‘em on the store shelf. Each pouch comes packed with 75 pieces of delicious chewing gum in Bubblegum, Peppermint, Sugar-Free Refresh-Mint, or new Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon flavor. The handy size is ideal for sharing and for keeping gum fresh on the go.

Save 75 Cents on Pouches Glee Gum Coupon - 2014 Click here for a print-able version. And enjoy!

Glee for All this Fall

What a fall. We had a ball!

Case in point: the Saturday that Glee Gum was a teeny, tiny, chewy part of the Mullet Marathon High Five 5K in Sandwich, MA.

Glee in the Community Image - Nov - Dec 2013 Newsletter

And then they sent us this amazing thank you card.

Thank You Card from the Mullet 5K - Oct 2013

Or the time Whole Foods Lake Grove gave out Glee Gum at Stonybrook University…

Glee Gum at Stonybrook University with Whole Foods Lake Grove

Glee Gum at Stonybrook University with Whole Foods Lake Grove 2

There was lots of fun to be had at the Patchwork Show: Edible Edition in Costa Mesa, CA with the Cool Kids Guide

GG 1 Patchwork Show Edible Edition in Costa MesaGlee Gum at the Patchwork Show with the Cool Kids Guide

Plus, that special day when customers at Nutrition Network in Winfield, IL got some sweet surprises.

More Glee Gum at Nutrition Network

Glee Gum at Nutrition Network

Not to mention, we joined Fairtrade Canada in celebrating the first ever Fair Trade Campus Week at universities across Canada. Bonus: this often involved people dressed like bananas.

FT Campus 2FT Campus 1

AND, we made our Gleeful presence known at trade shows throughout North America.

Glee Gum at Natural Products Expo 2013

Trick or Treaters at Whole Foods Market Edgewater Halloween 2013

Oh, aaaaand, Glee Gum made the treat list at Green Halloween and alternative trick-or-treating events all over the US…

Like the one to the right at Whole Foods Market Edgewater. How lucky were we?

Hope you had a terrific autumn too, gum chums. And hope your winter is even more wonderful!

Or, at the very least, filled with ample opportunity for gum-chewing.

Yankee Magazine Salutes Glee!

What’s that bright light? Why, it’s Glee Gum, basking in the glow of winning an exciting award! (Horns. We toot ‘em. We just can’t help ourselves.)

Glee Gum has been named a 2013 “Editors’ Choice Food Awards” winner in Yankee Magazine’s November/ December issue, on newsstands now!


This exclusive designation recognizes Yankee editors’ favorite artisanal New England foods—the best cheeses, charcuterie, jams, chocolates, mustards, and more. (Hungry yet?) In this inaugural year of the Awards, Glee Gum proudly joins a select group of tasty treats featured in the chocolate and candy category. Sweet!

“Great ideas may come in tiny packages,” Yankee Magazine suggests in describing Glee Gum. We couldn’t agree more! To view all the Award winners, visit: YankeeMagazine.com/foodawards. And to see Glee specifically, look-y here.

OK, back to basking. Ahhhh…. Thanks, Yankee Magazine!