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Winter Wonderland

A few highlights from a recent walk. It was oh so snowy and awfully Gleeful! Don’t forget to pack a box of gum the next time you go a’ winter wandering. And, of course, button up. It’s chilly out there!

Winter Wonderland - 3 Glee for Keeps


Winter Wonderland - 3 Glee and Smiling Eyes


Winter Wonderland - 3 Glee and a Smile

A Supporter of Spearmint

Glee Gum comes in many sizes– 2-piece minis, 16-piece boxes, 75-piece pouches. But for the most devoted chewers, only one size will do: BULK.

With a minimum of packaging, Bulk Glee Gum still manages to pack a punch. Each tube contains about a pound of loose gum (350-plus pieces) in the flavor of your choice. For Tiffany J. from Minneapolis, MN, that’s Spearmint!

Featured Fan Tiffany JA kitchen and bath designer by day, Tiffany has been purchasing Spearmint Bulk Gum from our web-store for awhile now. She jokes that the only time she’s not chewing gum is when she’s sleeping. Why does she like it? “Because it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. And it’s good!”

A fun fact about Tiffany is that she once met Tom Selleck, back in his “Magnum, P.I.” days. Anyone remember THESE? Magnum PI Bubble Gum CardsBut you don’t need to be a P.I. yourself to guess that someone who’s a designer might have a few ideas involving her favorite gum.

“Maybe Glee could come up with a handy purse-size container for those of us who buy the gum in bulk,” Tiffany suggests. “Right now I use an old mint tin, but I’d love to have a container that says ‘Glee Gum’ on it.”

This is an idea that just might stick. Thanks, Tiffany!

Hard-Hitting Investigation by a Junior Journalist

Just how “wild” is Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon Glee Gum?

Seven-year-old Dezi N. of Golden, CO is on a mission to find out. Armed with a sample pack procured by her mom (the founder of Winking Girl! Tomatillo Salsas), Dezi sets out to review the flavor on her “vlog” (video blog), Girl with a Curl.

In addition to reviewing natural products, Dezi also enjoys singing. She tells us that her mom often purchases Glee Gum for her from Sprouts Farmers Market. And she reports that, when she’s not busy chewing gum, she can be found playing.

We think Dezi clearly has a bright future in broadcast journalism. Watch & see what you think!

Featured Fan Dezi N
Dezi enjoys Bubblegum Glee Gum, too!


A Reflection on Gratitude

In keeping with the season, our team member Phoebe offers a Gleeful reflection on gratitude.

Glee Gum HQ

It’s autumn here in Providence, Rhode Island, and the cool air, crisper than a fresh-popped collar, provides the clarity to think about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. There’s a lot to be grateful for at Glee Gum this year.

With the unbelievable support of friends, family, and community, we broke ground on a new space. Once a gas station (complete with a castle-like turret!), the property had been abandoned for over thirty years and had fallen into disrepair. A talented crew of architects, contractors, painters, solar panelists, volunteers, and more helped us to renovate it into our new, solar-powered headquarters. We got the chance to construct an organic garden with raised beds in the adjacent vacant lot, too.

We’ve seen several beloved members of the Glee Team move out to the West Coast to embark on new adventures this year, and we have welcomed new faces. Our founder Deborah’s dream of making a natural gum pop also came true this year, and Glee Gum Pops finally hit store shelves (and trick-or-treaters’ Halloween baskets).

There’s more, of course. Even deeper run roots of gratitude for the workers who tap the rainforest trees for the chicle in our gum base; those who farm the rice or harvest the birch bark that goes into making our sweeteners; and everyone who helps at every step of the way in bringing our gum from tree to Glee.

Thanksgiving’s not an easy holiday. We count ourselves among the many who approach it, consciously or unconsciously, with anxiety– about eating too much, or spending too much, or the potential challenges of time with family, or the logistics of cooking and traveling and coordinating schedules. On a day that’s about recognizing abundance, we’re afraid of overdoing it (or under-doing it).

Our hope for you and all of us is that we can, for just one day, release our expectations of needing to do more, be more, earn more, have more. Our hope for you and all of us is that we find the good this Thanksgiving– in our food, in our lives, and in each other. (And if you do happen to over-indulge, well, that’s why we make Sugar-Free Refresh-Mint Glee).

Let us know how you bring Glee to your Thanksgiving table this year (we’d love to see pictures, too). And THANK YOU, as always, for your support. It is thanks to you (and what you chew) that we are able to do what we do!

Team Glee

10 Items to Stock for a Healthy Week

Trying to eat better? Aren’t we all! Here’s a guest post from our friends at Modernize to help you do just that. 

via Modernize
Via Modernize

We all have good intentions when it comes to eating healthy and making phenomenal, nutritious meals for our families. But inconvenience tends to get in the way. Dashing around in the morning and coming home tired from work aren’t conducive to well-thought-out meals. That means reaching for what’s most convenient, which tends to be salty snacks, sweets, and freezer meals.

But if you start off each week with a fridge full of healthy ingredients that you can whip into a snack on the go, you will find it easier to eat clean and feel better—without running late.


You may be tired of hearing praises sung over this superfood, but it’s a celebrity for good reason; this grain is protein rich and full of iron, magnesium, riboflavin, manganese, and plenty of other helpful components. Quinoa takes about twenty minutes to prepare, but if you go ahead and make a whole batch for the week, you’ll find healthy snacking and even meals so much easier. Mix it with peanut butter, apples, and cinnamon for breakfast, or throw it on a lunch salad. You won’t regret investing a little time to prepare it for the week.


Leafy greens are a health food essential. They have more vitamins and minerals than you can name, plus, like quinoa, they are probably more versatile than you realize. Throw together a spinach salad or use it in place of lettuce on your next sandwich. Try adding a handful into your next fruit smoothie for an extra boost.

Frozen Berries

Speaking of fruit smoothies, frozen berries make a great addition. They are also helpful to have around for when you want to make a healthy(er) dessert, such as a no-sugar-added sorbet or berry oatmeal muffins. Essentially, they can help you tame that sweet tooth if you use them creatively.

Plain Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt, too, has endless uses, in both the savory and sweet categories. How many foods would work both on a gyro and with just a tablespoon of cinnamon? There are countless healthy dipping sauces, desserts, and dressing recipes that call for this magical and flavorful ingredient.

Organic Peanut Butter

Whether or not you have little ones’ lunches to pack every night, peanut butter always seems to come in handy. Anytime you need to throw something together last minute, it’s always there. It contains protein and the healthy kind of fat, so it fills you up fast.

Sliced Veggies

Sliced veggies (especially when paired with a natural ranch dressing) are a great, snack-y alternative to chips. They get the crunchy factor just right, and they’re just as easy to throw into a lunch on the go or eat as an after school snack. Slice and bag your veggies at the beginning of the week so you have prepped snacks ready to go.


Hummus is another one of those celebrity healthy foods, and it is super delicious to boot. With pita bread, chips, or veggies, it always seems to satisfy that intense hunger craving for something substantial. While it’s quickest to grab some from the grocery store, it’s also pretty easy to make your own with chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and seasoning.

Unsweetened Applesauce

Unsweetened apple sauce is perfect for solving a sweet craving. Apples are sweet on their own merits, so the no-sugar-added version just makes a lot of sense. You can also use applesauce to replace the oil in many baking recipes for a moist but healthier alternative.

Almond Milk

Even if no one in your household reacts badly to dairy, almond milk is still a good option to have around. It contains proteins, lipids, fiber, and several vitamins that improve blood pressure and heart health.

Sparkling Water

If there’s anything that belongs on a “what not to stock in your fridge for a healthy week” list, it would be soda. Don’t let its ubiquitousness fool you: sodas are bad for you in just about every capacity and should be treated more like an occasional treat than an everyday must. Even diet sodas, which don’t contain table sugar or high fructose corn syrup, are still associated with metabolic diseases. This is where sparkling water comes in. Naturally flavored sparkling water is much more delicious than plain water but is much, much healthier than soda.

And there you have it! Start the week off strong, every week, with these essential healthy diet staples.

Sooooo, we need to go grocery shopping immediately. Want more home ideas and inspiration? Visit or connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

Events to Remember this November

You might think that, having given away over 50,000 Glee Gum samples last month, we’d be out of gum by now. But no! 

Here are some of the events around town where more free Glee can be found this month. Hope to see you there– or elsewhere– soon!

Health Day/ Myth Busting at Healthy Treasures, Newton Falls, OH ~ 11/7/15

Anniversary Celebration at Health Foods By Claudia, Toledo, Ohio ~ 11/13/15

Grand Opening at Arbor Farms, Ann Arbor, Michigan ~ 11/13 – 11/14/15

Natural Living Expo at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlborough, MA ~ 11/14 – 11/15/15

Store Anniversary at Country Cupboard, Russelville, Arkansas ~ 11/25/15

Cinnamon Glee Gum with Apple


Say Boo with DIY Lollipop Ghosts

Here’s a super easy, spook-tacular craft to try at home this week: make your own gum pop ghosts!

Step 5 - Gum Pop Ghosts

These cute little spooks hide a sweet inside– but no scary surprises in the form of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Best part is, they couldn’t be simpler or more affordable to make!

We’re so eek-cited about our new Glee Gum Pops: delicious natural lollipops with hard candy shells, bubblegum centers, and three fun flavors in every bag. When dressed up for Halloween, the pops are perfect to bring to parties, pack for school lunches, or give away to trick-or-treaters.

DIY Lollipop Ghosts

Step 1: Gather your tools!
– Scissors
– An old white sheet or other cloth rag or scrap (tissues work, too!)
– Dental floss or white thread
– A felt-tipped marker
– A bag or two of Glee Gum Pops

Step 1 - Gum Pop Ghosts

Step 2: Cut squares of white fabric. We find that five inches by five inches is a good size. Cut as many squares as you’d like ghosts!

Step 2 - Gum Pop Ghosts

Step 3: Cover each pop with the fabric and tie the floss or thread gently around the “neck” area of the ghost. Trim accordingly!

Step 3 - Gum Pop Ghosts

Step 4: Spookify your ghosts! Draw faces directly on the fabric with your marker. Of course, the possibilities to embellish here are endless- you could add googly eyes or use different colors. Extra points if you make one that looks like the Glee Guy!

Step 4 - Gum Pop Ghosts

Step 5: Go scare/ delight someone with your new posse of gum pop ghosts. And if you happen to share on social media, please be sure to tag us– we wanna see all your funny phantoms! (You can find Glee Gum on Facebook and Pinterest and our mascot Glee Guy on Twitter).

Happy almost Halloween, chums!

Falling for Gleeful October Events

Not to play favorites, but October is the best. Hooray for that crisp air, the changing leaves, and all the fun events involving free Glee! Between celebrations for Non-GMO Month, Fair Trade Month, and, of course, Halloween, more than 50,000 Glee Gum samples will be given away this month. That’s a lot of Glee! Here are a few of the many places you’ll see us.

Halloween Pops and Gum
The World’s Largest Halloween Party at Louisville Zoo, Louisville, KY ~ 10/2 – 10/30/15

Boo at the Zoo at Elmwood Park Zoo, Norristown, PA ~ 10/10 – 10/31/15

Green Halloween at Downtown Oak Park, Oak Park, IL ~ 10/17/15

Fall Family Harvest at Occidental Square Park, Seattle, WA ~ 10/17/15

9th Annual Center for Women & Enterprise Women Business Leaders Conference at the Sheraton Hotel, Framingham, MA ~ 10/22 – 10/23/15

Creatures of the Night at Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR ~ 10/24/15

Zoo Boo at Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, VA ~ 10/24/15

Spooky Zoo at Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, RI ~ 10/24 – 10/25/15

Zoo Howl at Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA ~ 10/24 – 10/25/15

Pumpkin Bash and Trick-or-Treating at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA ~ 10/24 – 10/25/15

Boo at the Zoo at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens, San Francisco, CA ~ 10/24 – 10/25/15

Zoo Boo at Zoo Miami, Miami, FL ~ 10/24 – 10/25/15

Boo at the Zoo at Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA ~ 10/24 – 10/25/15, 10/31/15

Healthy Halloween Jax at Johansen Park, Atlantic Beach, FL ~ 10/25/15

Green Halloween at the Witch’s House, Beverly Hills, CA ~ 10/31/15

Howloween at Oregon Zoo, Portland, OR ~ 10/31/15

Brookfield Place Halloween Party at Brookfield Place, New York, NY ~ 10/31/15

Georgia A-Scary-Um: Trick or Treat at Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA ~ 10/31/15

The Revolution of Consciousness Expo at the Westin Waltham Hotel, Waltham, MA ~ 11/1/15

Love Fest at Whole Foods Markets throughout FL ~ As supplies last!

Glee Guy Ghost

All About Gum Base

Flip over any pack of chewing gum, and you’ll see this phrase in the ingredients’ list: gum base. And you may wonder what the heck “gum base” is. Well, gum base is the indigestible part of gum that gives it chewy texture. It’s the part you discard after chewing. Gum base is made from a whole lot of things, most of them synthetic. And usually the formula is proprietary– meaning that the exact contents are kept secret. But it didn’t used to be that way.

All About Gum BaseOnce upon a time, gum base was made from chicle—a tree sap harvested sustainably from the rainforest of Central America. Then, around WWII, the popularity of chewing gum surged. The big companies switched to man-made materials to get the same chewy texture that chicle had once provided. Later, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners were added. And before long, chewing gum had almost nothing natural in it all.

We created Glee because we wanted a gum made the old-fashioned way, with chicle. The harvest of chicle helps to conserve the rainforest and to support an economically depressed region. Since 1996, we have strived to provide the best, most natural chewing gum we can— a gum not only made with chicle, but without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

For nearly two decades, Glee Gum has been one of the only gums made in North America with a gum base that contains chicle. But, while our gum base has always contained chicle, it wasn’t possible for us to eliminate synthetic materials entirely from it. We needed both natural chicle and food-grade, synthetic resins to achieve a good and gummy texture, and for the gum base to work in a large-scale production run. That is, until now!

After years of research, we’re so excited to debut our new gum base recipe. It’s 100% natural, made predominantly of chicle with just three additional, natural ingredients: calcium carbonate, candelilla wax, and a pinch of dehydrated citrus peels. We are in the process of transitioning all 9 Glee Gum flavors to the new gum base now. (You can find it in our Glee Gum Pops already.) We’re also rolling out a brand new look, with the gum base ingredients listed right on the label.

We sure hope you like it! We welcome you to contact us with any questions or feedback.* And, if you’d like to learn more about chicle, we invite you to check out The Sticky History of Chewing Gum and Chicle & Sustainability. While we’re on the subject, we should add that the whole “seven years” thing is a myth. But, eco-friendly gum base or no, we still don’t recommend that you swallow gum. After you’re done chewing, please dispose of it responsibly, with our thanks!

* Please note: if you prefer our original gum base recipe, you can still purchase it in our Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit, Refill Kit, and Gum Base by the Pound for now. 

Fair Trade Day Giveaways

May 9th is World Fair Trade Day, a celebration of fair trade as a concrete contribution to the global fight against poverty, climate change and economic crisis.

You can find the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark on all six flavors of Classic Glee Gum, as well as the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit and the Make Your Own Gummies Kit.

Here’s how to enjoy World Fair Trade Day all month long– and win some Gleeful prizes THIS WEEK!

FTD_Main- Try your luck with a deluxe, mega giveaway of Fairtrade goodies, hosted by Divine Chocolate. (Ends May 9 at 7 am ET!)

– Enter to win more prizes with Fairtrade America’s fun, social media scavenger hunt. (Ends May 14 at midnight ET!)

– Discover more sweet ways to celebrate, thanks to this info from our friends at Fairtrade America.

– Read how the Fairtrade sugar in our products helps farmers.

– Learn more about fair trade in general here.

– And, of course, choose Fairtrade products.

Thanks for your help in making the world a fairer place!

So Many Gleeful Events!

So, there’s gonna be a LOT of Glee spread this week. Here are some of the fun upcoming events where you’re apt to see our gum. And by “see,” we mean chew. Hope there’s one happening near you!

Glee Gum Sampling

The Lady Project Summit of PVD Lady Project at the VETS Memorial Auditorium, Providence, RI  ~ 4/18/15

Buzzfest 33 with Backstage Artist Lounge in The Woodlands, TX ~ 4/18/15

Spring Food Fest/ Anniversary Event at Ward’s Super Market, Gainsville, FL ~ 4/18/15

18th Anniversary Event at Healthy Horizons, Hammond, IN ~ 4/18/15

Grand Opening & Earth Day Event at Lassen’s, Ventura, CA ~ 4/18/15

Customer Appreciation Event at Healthy Living Organic & Natural Market, Lakewood Ranch, FL ~ 4/18/15

40th Anniversary Event at Nature’s Way, Easton, PA ~ 4/18/15

Earth Day Celebration at Whole Foods MarketBeverly Hills, CA ~ 4/19 – 4/21/15

Earth Appreciation Day at Diane’s New Dawn, St. Augustine, FL ~ 4/22/15

Earth Day Event at The Apple Crate II, Fayetteville, NC ~ 4/22/15

7th Annual Green Fair at Blue Cross Blue Shield Headquarters, Providence, RI ~ 4/22/15